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Hello all you Moon haters! You can now see that I have chnaged the look of my site. I also added some ants that will follow you cursor around. The insult generator is very funny. This page will soon become much larger, as I will add more pages. Visit the Top 10 obsessive symptoms web page. Click here to see why Microsoft sucks The "How to cure your obsessive behavior" site is on the way. Have fun!

If you come to this site, you obviously hate Sailor Moon (if that does not apply to you, LEAVE!) As you know, Sailor Moon was a horrible anime that has absolutley no value whatsoever. The whole thing seems to be written by a 15-year-old glue sniffer(Oh, I'm sorry. That would have been GOOD!) The animators best friends were probably Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. And the producers must have been totally sloshed when they let the show get to public television.

I remember the first time I saw the show. It was around 4:15 PM, and I was home from school. I flipped on the TV and clicked over to channel 47, Cartoon Network(THE GREATEST CHANNEL EVER! GO JOHNNY BRAVO!). I saw a brief commercial about some show called Toonami. It sounded intresting, so I stayed on the channel. What I saw next sent me running to the bathroom. A whole bunch of girls spinning around naked and yelling "I am Sailor Moon!" I felt my stomach turn, and not long after, I redeposited my lunch into the nearest tiolet. Needless to say, I was careful to stay away. Luckily, I discovered DBZ soon, which took care of most of the emotional damage.

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Why we must kill Sailor Moon DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK! Who wants to watch them transform, spinnig around well, uh... I can't say that, but you know, I'm sure. THe animation is bad, the characters are pathetically weak, and the way you-know-who eats, it gives kids bad examples about eating habits. Not that I really care about that.

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The Wrestling Update, Owned by my friend
The Space Ghost home page. Very funny!
A really good site about viruses, computers, and lots of other funky stuff.

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