Even Moonies hate something about Sailor Moon..

Haven't you noticed those certain things in Sailor Moon where you just wanna SLAP Naoko sometimes? This page is here to let most of you people who feel the same way express yourself. Okay, let the list begin.. *sigh*

1. Is it just me or have you noticed that everytime they transform their clothes just..disappear? Where do they go? CYBER SPACE!??! Geez.. and how do they like, go from senshi form to regular form? Where'd the clothes come from?

2. Okay.. The enemies are about the dumbest enemies I have ever seen. "I wonder who Sailor Moon could be.." HMMMM... I WONDER?! Usagi is the only person in any anime I've seen with that hair style, so she's probably the only one in Tokyo! C'mon it's not that hard..and the other scouts, geez! "Sailor Venus wears a tiara, Minako doesn't.. she CAN'T be Sailor Venus!" Oh COME ON!!!!

3. Everyone knows how it takes them forever to say their attack. If I was the enemy, not only would I be smart, but I would attack them while they're sitting there saying "Neptune Deep.." ya know.. Speaking of the attacks, why are some of them forever long?? For example, "Honey Moon Therapy Kiss" ...case closed.

4. The fights are too short. I mean, they do like 2 attacks and Sailor Moon ends it. Theres a fight per episode.. TOO SHORT! and they could have a little more physical fighting..Like DBZ or something.


6. DiC sucks.. where do you go off getting Serena from Usagi?! Does anyone know where they got Amara from Haruka?

7. I hate that they are in the air and how come every one can't see them are know where they are????????? *for example wouldn't the lights of the lockets or something give away where they are????????* (submitted by PinkachuLaura)

8. I have seen a few minor differences between Sailor V and Sailor Venus. Sailor V wears a mask and stuff like that..but I have seen EVERY Sailor Scout wears a tiara, but Sailor V is a Sailor Scout, right? Why doesn't she wear a tiara? Is the mask in replacement or something? And how in the world did Sailor V end up in Tokyo, Japan? Did she fly there when she knew she was going to turn into Sailor Venus or something? It's obsene! Sailor Venus and Sailor V has always given me the most mixups. And why did Sailor V change into Sailor Venus, why didn't she just keep her old identity, Sailor V? (submitted by SailorMask)

9. How come Mamoru never actually SAYS I love you to Usagi, or Chibi-Usa never addresses Usagi as her mother?

10. Why does Mimite always love every guy she sees? I mean ,hello obbsesion. (submitted by Nubufubu)

11. They say that Amara and Michelle just have a really deep friendship which is the reason for how they*cough*behave around each other, but i beg to differ. (submitted by Phlp337@cs.com)

12.Have u ever noticed that it's almost the SAME plot in every episode? Espcially in the first season:
1. normal lives
2. negaverse starts stealing energy
3. transfom (all of them, SPERATLY)(that annoies me too, why not just have them all of them together like when the 3 outers went super?)
4. Moon tiara, of some other little attack that destroys the enemy. After some stupid little battle and Lover boy shows up. (well, tuxedo mask)
5. Normal lives (again) with funny (?) ending.
I mean. with this. (especially with the comercials time perfectly) u could tell exactly what was going to happen. ( I know. I use to time myself) What would be the whole point? U might as well go out, and read the comic book. Atleast THEN you'll be surprised.
AND why doesn't anyone know who they are. I saw a COMERCIAL and could automacticly tell that meatball headed birdbrain (U know what I mean) was Sailor Moon. Are those villans slow, or just plain stupid. Hmmmm, tiara here, no tiara there, Is it THAT hard people? And, well. The odangos. I bet Sailor Moon/Usagi Is the ONLY person in this WORLD to get her hair to that. And Chibi Chibi? It's in the shape of a HEART!!!! How do you get HAIR to do that? somebody tell me. I could get voted most creative a school! (submitted by my friend: Chibi ┬žaturn)
Psst! she's the one that donates images and tons of GIF's to me and I'd like to thank her severely for it! She's really made an effect on this webpage so give her a round of applause.

13. Have you ever noticed that Sailor Moon and Mini Moon are the ONLY senshi that ever defeat hawkeye, fisheye, etc.???????????? The other scouts don't do anything. Oooh Crystal Twinkle Bell! You here that EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, in the theme song, it says Sailor Moon never runs away from a fight! i mean, helllllllooooooooooooooooooo! She does that nearly every episode! (submitted by s0cCeR1223)

14. I'll tell ya what I noticed. They say Sailor Moon is the strongest senshi, right? Well.. let's review. First off, she's only strong because she's got that stupid crystal that they fought soooooo hard for, and was only important in one series. Well, if you'll notice, it's all the OTHER sailor scouts who do the attacking, do the work etc etc.. and THEN they all decide to say "Now sailor moon!" or something.. only then does she actually destroy the enemy. But that doesn't make her strong because the other sailor scouts had already weakened the enemy.

15. Why are they always fighting in hiheals???HELLO!!If they are REALLY the champions of justice,why don't they wear boots you can run and fight in!!!!No affense for the people who like SMoon,SMercury SVenus,SMars or the others,but Jupiter actully knows how to really fight phisically!!! (submitted by Forlerro)

16. How come the villains always seem to attack in Japan? Why can't they attack somewhere like Canada, Mexico, or even places like Argentina? Noooooooooo! They just have to attack in Japan! (submitted by Gallimimi)

17.) the amazoness quartet's heir...especially CereCeres and JunJun...how the heck does that stay up? And green hair? Yeah, just what I always wanted... (submitted by Mythical Lilacs)

18.) I hate how DIC made the Sailor Senshi SCOUTS! And CiW KEPT it! I mean, scouts sell cookies and help old people (believe me, I was one).Naoko Takeuchi had better names for her character's attacks the "Mars Celistial Fire Surround". It shold have been kept as "Burning Mandela" (submitted by Blue)

19.) Sailormoon is such a dumb @$$. Remember the episode with mistress 9? She gave up her purity chalice? That was soooo stupid. Sailor Neptune said,"Save the world instead!" But did Sailormoon listen? No. She sacraficed her purity chalice just to save one person, Sailor Saturn . Sailor Saturn got out without S.M.'s help. I mean the only smart senshis are the outer ones. (submitted by Shykitty88)

20.) First off, did you ever see when Usagi and Chibi USA are in the bathtub together at their house??!! I mean Hello, girls are supposed to bathe seperatley, not with each other, ESPECIALLY SISTERS. (submitted by Assaulted)

21.)What, what, what kind of name is Ducky Mac, I mean, Tuxedo Mask???? Somebody please tell me! ( I HAVE to meet the monster that said that!) (submitted by Princess Mercury)
Have any more? Tell me! Also keep in mind that I'm not dissin' Sailor Moon or saying the show sucks, I'm just speaking my mind about my favorite show. Is that ok? Also, DO NOT CONFRONT ME about submitions that other people have put up. Geez, cut me some mailbox space alright? ^_^

Whoa.. Sailor Moon must have a lotta mess ups, huh? ::whistles:: Calm down, moonies!!!
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