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Another funny thing i've noticed while digging for Sailor Moon images is that all of the pages contain images of Sailor Moon characters being beautiful, serene, calm, and animated well.  I almost wish the people that ran these pages directed the show, because the show itself is far different: Stupid, choppy, overbearing, spazzy, and 2-bit (meaning the characters are overdefined, stereotyped and boring).  Here are some images from the show the picture galleries WON'T show you:

Serena on another one of her pissy fits

Her own daughter (from the future) putting a gun to her head, showing the great family values in the show

A group shot of the SOS members (sorry, that one accidentally got mixed in)

Animator comes to work completely wasted and draws Serena's mouth half the size of her head

Amy priming up for her bubble attack, making her the first superhero to have a more useless power than Aquaman.  On the positive side, her bubbles supposedly clean cars better than your local car wash does, so if you're trying to wash some grime off your off-road truck, have Lord Tentacula or one of the other prospecting members of the negaverse take it for a spin.

Anybody's guess.