Hell on TV: The Sailor Moon story

"It's like getting hit by a convoy of semi trucks"


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Here is a very diverse list of sites for your viewing pleasure, which should fulfill your every need and desire (especially if the show can!)

The SOS Page - Bigot commie FREAKS.

Sailor Moon Wallpaper - Plague your desktop with conceptualized, calm, and high quality Sailor Moon pictures!  It's better than having actual show pictures, that's for sure!  Believe it or not, this is one of the better Sailor Moon galleries.  Even though it's still plagued with the flash and java intros and glittering thingies that 99% of the other Sailor Moon sites suffers from.

CB's Sailormoon Page - See? I told you the above one was one of the better ones!  This is what an average Sailor Moon site is like.  There's plenty more goofy pages where that came from, hell there's thousands of them.  It's like going to a garbage dump and watching the filth pile up!  Minus the smell!  What a deal!

Sailor Moon Screenplays - English, Japanese, or Spanish, the dialogue's ALWAYS retarded when it's Sailor Moon, you Space Case!

Sailor Venus's Kitchen - LOL.  Picture perfect example of a typical SM page, complete with embedded music.  Yikes.  Here is a small paste from that site:

Makoto Kino-Sailor Jupiter
"The strongest also the tallest Sailor Soldier with a kind heart. The only sailor who can do houseworks, cleaning rooms, cooking food, etc. She's the only one who can cook food well. She is 14 years old, her birthday is December 5th, her sign is Sagittarius, her bloodtype is O. She doesn't have a permanent boyfriend. She uses thunder power in combat. She is an image of a good housewife."

More "High Quality" Ye Olde Sailor Moon Sites (selected randomly from AniPike):

Sailor Moon Hideaway
Matt's Sailor Stars Page - At least he has a Ghibli movies list.


Other sites of interest:

Animal Juice - Our sister site. I have done other reviews and articles there, be sure to check out the Slop Page, if you hate cartoons like Sailor Moon, it's right up your alley.

And for all you tentacle bukkake ninjas out there:

Sailor Moon Hentai (porno) - I think this is the main reason people like Sailor Moon.  It's also the main reason American Pie was so successful, even though it was utter crap.  Hormones are one hell of a money maker. I'm not quite sure how hentai is making the internet dangerous, but if you think it is, use this logo, and help keep the internet safe:

Also, be sure to check out My Sailor Moon Hentai Page!