Greetings anti sailor moon fans!

Hello, and welcome to a great age in the battle aginst sailor moon. I Jeff, am pleased to report that all major cable networks (except USA channel) have taken the hated sailor moon off our beloved air waves. If you wish to counter the save our sailor moon petition, just write your name in my keep sailors off the air. Any one for sailor moon, you should really leave now. Ok this page was inspired after I saw all those stupid sailor moon pages. What is wrong with you people! You should be grateful that the t.v has taken sailor moon off the air. I beg you, save yourself now and come back to reality. Also, please visit the web site that inspired the anti sailor moon wave, My anti sailor moon page, or Die, sailors, Die! What really makes me mad is the fact that teenagers are like all sailor moon is full of romance and action. This is a cartoon! Get out while you still can! I will try to update as soon as possible. thanks for reading.

Yours truely, untill that time, JustusJ

Anti sailors petition

Please e-mail me about your anti sailor moon feelings I have included my e-mail address. Write to the man who knows how much sailor moon sucks! Your support counts.

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My Snazzy List of Links

anti sailor moon or Die sailors Die: this site is hard to find since there is only one other like it, mine.
sailor moon: i suppose I should add this for all you sailor moon junkies
Sailor moon ate my balls!: It features all the sailor scouts being stupid. A muust visit for all anti sailors

Jeff Justus
newark, OH 43055
United States