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Make sure you are not going to be in that picture!

Don't say I didn't warn you... get out of here you blasted Sailor Moon fans! Well, some of you whipsnappers at that SOS know me... KACKLE. And while I was gone, I cooked up something for you... it's your Uncle Kackle's Anti-Sailor Moon Stew! And this "treat" was for you by the members of the Kackle Inc. and Kommander Kackle's Army. (And don't fall in the pot please!)
Why Sailor Moon Sucks
1. The plot is terrible.
2. The sounds sounds like an opera singer.
3. The graphics are in black and white.
4. The whole cartoon is fake.
5. The whole cartoon is nude. (Ex: Transforming, etc...
6. Don't you think Anime, Manga, Ramna can do better that that?
Some Characters Names Revealed!
1. Reenie the Weenie
2. Sammy Smells like Hammy
3. Sailor Moon the Goon
4. Sailor Mercury the Dangerous Substance
5. Sailor Venus the *****
6. Sailor Mars is the name of a Chocolate Bar
7. Sailor Jupiter has became Stupider
Anti-Fic: Star Wars: The Scouts Strike Back

HanSolo:Yes! We destroyed Vader!
Luke: I don't think so... it looks like those little figures are shooting at us!
(Damage to ship.)
Scouts: It's not over yet...
Princess: Fire all weapons at those weird looking people!
(Fire all weapons 'till ran out.)
Luke: It's no use it does not work!
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Kackle Inc.'s Members
Kommander K. Kackle
Lt. Rory M. Riptor
2nd Lt. Jay L. Jaguar
Cpt. Josh S. Shredder
Srg. Daniel K. Kaos
Corp. Edward Si. Slasher
How to Change the Show to it's Good Side
The song should be changed to:
Eating green beans by moonlight,
Getting detentions at daylight,
Getting hurt in a real fight,
She's that idiot named Sailor Moon!

She always beats up her friends,
She is never there to defend,
Walking around like a dead hen,
She's that idiot named Sailor Moon!

and.....there should also be more boys, etc...
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