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So,you've decided to enter my page,eh? Well,good choice! I am the founder of an organization called I.S.M.(Ice Sailor Moon).Our page is'nt up yet.We at I.S.M. think Sailor Moon is a filthy,stinking,worthless,peice of japanimated garbage.But this page's time won't be wasted talking about that moronic anime.This page is dedicated to Masked Rider,and I'm gonna talk about him!!!!!

Masked Rider and Sailor Moon

Masked Rider:Wears armor. Sailor Moon:Wears a skimpy little Sailor suit

Masked Rider:Has a sword. Sailor Moon:Throws a little tiara.

Masked Rider:Can transform into two other forms. Sailor Moon:Can transform into absolutely nothing.

Given this comparison,who is more powerful?

What IS Masked Rider?

Masked Rider is a humanoid alien who was sent to earth to stop his evil
uncle from enslaving earth,as he did his home planet,Edenoi.
Upon reaching earth he is adopted by a multi-racial family,and learns to live
as a human. His name,Dex,not short for Dexter,is fortunately humanlike enough.
Dex posseses the Masked Rider powers,an energy which is passed down through the
the Edenoian royal family father-to-son.(Dex is the prince of Edenoi)
His powers include: 1.The abilty to transform into Masked Rider,an armored insectoid with a sword.

2.The abilty to transform into Masked Rider Super Gold,a steel-armored insectoid with laser weapons,and Masked Rider Super Blue,an armored insectoid with the power to liquidize.

3.The power to summon a motorcycle and a car-tank to assist him

Now,does'nt this sound like a show you'd like to see? Well,you may not get the chance,it might be cancelled,but you can help! Click here to tell Bandai,the makers of Masked Rider toys,that you'd like to see Masked Rider stay on the air

More on this page coming soon!!!!

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