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If you're a Sailor Moon fan...

  • You need more to do.

  • Your TV gets only one channel.

  • You should get a job.

  • You're a helpless Sailor Moon zombie.

  • You think that girls who like they're from the Japanese Navy are cool.

  • You happen to like bad animation and poorly dubbed sound.

  • You like sailor suits,and probably wear one.

  • At least one of these applies to any Sailor Moon fan.

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    Welcome to the zone!

    This website is dedicated the american series "Masked Rider" and the Japanese series "Kamen Rider"
    It's also dedicated to the destruction of a show called "Sailor Moon". *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** This is my close call story...

    When I was 10 years old,I saw Sailor Moon,and was instantly seized by it's evil hypnotic power.I would get up at ungodly hours to watchit,and would tearfully lament if I missed it. Then when I saw an internet site which descrided Sailor Moon destroying my favorite hero,Masked Rider,my infuriation broke the spell,and I was free! I warn all who see this,do not watch Sailor Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** This is my revised Sailor Moon themesong,which I wrote in honor of a fellow Sailor Moon hater,Marc of Chan.

    She's greedy little weevil by moonlight,pretends to an inocent dove by daylight,
    she breaks down and cries if ther's a real fight,she is is the stupid Sailor Moon!
    For buck she'll turn her back on a friend,if you pay her good,she might defend, You're in trouble if she's the one on whom you de-pend,she is the stupid Sailor Moon!

    Now the latest Anti-Sailor Moon News..... Fox network,a major Sailor Moon syndicator,has pulled the plug on Sailor Moon!
    And,even better,they replaced it with Masked Rider!
    Also,to all you Sailor Moon Haters,I'd like to advise you to start your own
    Anti-Sailor Moon Web page! You can do this by clicking on my link above marked,
    "Start Your Own Anti-Sailor Moon page!"
    This section of my page is entitled,"Why I despise Sailor Moon"

    First of all,The leader is a whiney girl who has the I.Q. of lima beans,has
    two golden meatballs on her head,and her most powerful weapon is a tiara.
    Secondly,their collective name is "The Sailor Scouts",if that's not stupid,what is? Third(after third I will use numbers),The animation almost rivals watching mildew form on a shower door!
    4.One of them named "Sailor Mars" says things like "Burning Mandala!",have you ever heard of a
    Mandala,let alone a buning one? I sure have'nt!
    5.They survive direct hits from laser blasts,how?! All they're wearing is
    a stupid skimpy sailor suit!
    6.The unnofficial member of the group,Tuxedo Mask,can do absolutely nothing
    besides throw roses!
    7.Sailor Moon is a worthless meatball-headed pea-brain!
    If you are a Sailor Moon fan,and are reading this,I'd like to ask you a question,
    WHY ARE YOU READING THIS?!!!!! This page will do nothing but infuriate you.


    This is to counteract S.O.S.. I.S.M.(Ice Sailor Moon) is geared to crush Sailor Moon's presence in the U.S. . How is I.S.M. gonna do it? Like this,you send E-mail to Bandai(The one who does Sailor Moon toys) and tell them to ICE SAILOR MOON! Also,as I've advised before,start your own Anti-Sailor Moon Homepage!

    Go to Bandai,and tell em' to Ice Sailor Moon!
    I am the founder of I.S.M.,Kamen Rider Dragon.
    This is the I.S.M. roster,

    Commander-in-Chief:Kamen Rider DragonMail me!

    Deputy Commander-in-Chief:Illumina Mail him!

    Junior Deputy Commander-in-Chief:Tarantulus Mail him!

    Page Content Officer:Marc of Chan(Reached through Illumina)

    We've got more members,but I have'nt listed them yet.

    With your support,we will be able to destroy Sailor Moon! P.S.When,you E-mail Bandai,put in a good word for Masked Rider!

    Links to other Anti-Sailor Moon pages

    There are many others,but I have'nt gotten around to listing them.

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