Why Sailor Moon Must Die

An ISM FAQ by Kamen Rider Dragon

Q:Why can't you just leave it alone? If you don't like it, dont watch it!

A:I can't leave this alone, anymore than I can leave a wound that is gushing blood unattended. I know what this show is, and I know what it does, if I wasn't part of the solution, I'd be part of the problem.

Q:Isn't it immature to sit here, and make pages trying to destroy a cartoon?

A:If I'm immature for attacking it, what are you for defending it?

Q:What's so bad about Sailor Moon?

A:Of all the questions I'm asked, this is the most frequently asked one. Sailor Moon is a cartoon, made in Japan, it's technical classification is Anime. To clarify something, I don't hate all Anime, far from it! I enjoy Anime, it's a good style of animation, for the most part. But, Sailor Moon, is an exception to the rule. Sailor Moon has 4 things, which I don't like:

  • 1. It's animation/dubbing, is very poorly done, I realize the dubbing is not the fault of the original un-dubbed show, but that merely increases my objections.
  • 2. The plot is flimsy, the characters are 1-dimensional, and, for lack of a better description, the concept is basically a bunch of bull.
  • Their abilities make absolutely so sense, whatsoever, they survive direct hits from streaks of fire, lightning, ect, protected by what looks suspiciously like a Japanese girl's school uniform, with a few extra bows and fringes.
  • Finally, and most importantly, it's directly, and obviously mind-numbing. It has an effect which I've named "Otakuizing". The word Otaku, means someone who is obsessed, with, useless, stupid, or otherwise completely non-redeeming information. I.E.; I've seen reports, in which, a person, in High School, spends all of his free time, in front of his computer, in his pajamas, looking for information about Chibi Usa(Sailor Mercury), whom he has an obsessed fettish about. This is not the kind of thing, I want to see happening to people across America, Canada, and the world. This report, was NOT, an isolated incedent, far from it. It has taken hold, and I'm beginning to see it's effects already, in some of my friends.
  • Q:What can I do to help?

    A:Start by making your own Anti-Sailor Moon Hompage, then, e-mail the sydicators of Sailor Moon, the biggest being USA. Also, try to get your local TV stations to remove Sailor Moon from the air, every little bit helps.

    Sailor Moon must be stopped, we're all in this together.--Kamen Rider Dragon

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