Ring of Sailor Moon Non-Appreciation!

Welcome to the premire Anti Sailor Moon webring! Ever been visiting a message board only to see that it was just hit by a pointless SM sub vs dub war? Have you had guestbooks ruined purely because somewhere on your sight the words Anti and Moon are writen? Or maybe you've just watched the show and marveled at idea that this show is actually popular in a billion different countries. Whether you have a strong emnity for the show, host an ISM/SMIRC/NSE homepage or even if you just are a tad annoyed with the show, your page has a place on this ring!

While we here at the the Ring of Sailor Moon Non Appreciation are fairly libereal minded, there are a few requirments to your page if you're thinking of joining the ring.

  • Your site can be of basically any subject, just not pro Sailor Moon (duh!)
  • No hentai or pornagraphic material, please!
  • Please put the Webring information and buttons on some part of your page.
  • No extremism! I don't want to have to remove people from the queue, but I will if I get wind that you've been mail bombing people.

    After you submit your site, I will add it to the ring. If it doesn't appear for a while, it means I'm lazy and you should e-mail me requesting your page to be added.

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