Flame Mail[IMAGE]
This part of the site is a collection of hate-mail letters from lame moonies with no life whatsoever. These people need to be checked into a mental hospital or a rehab center, one of the two (or both). So without further ado, we bring you the NSEUCB hate mail archives.[IMAGE]

Idiot #1: SailerBoBo

This idiot just recently E-mailed me with a very stupid letter. He also can't spell. I have censors on his obscenities, but when he sent them to me, they weren't on there. Below are the messages he has sent me.

Message 1: listen, if your going to bash sailor moon, dont be ignorant about the show. you probaly wouldnt like the show, but most of the stuff you complained about CAN be explained if you knew what you were talking about. you look like a really big idiot when you bash stuff thats been explained. if your going to have an anti-sailor moon site then watch some more episodes so you dont sound

Message 2: i spelt sailor sailer because i'm on AOL and somone already had the other version so i couldnt get it. the name BoBo is an inside joke for my friends , and that was not flame mail, flame mail is somthing like TAKE THIS F***ING PAGE DOWN YOU F***ING PIECE OF SH** I'LL KILL SAILOR MOON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My criticism OK, this guy is one heck of an idiot. Notice the misspelled words throughout the entire two messages. Second of all, note the fact that he is an immature creep who can only whine and complain and give obscure facts, not to mention the obscene messages. And finally, look at the last sentence. I copied this straight off my e-mail. I didn't alter it at all (except for the censors). I'LL KILL SAILOR MOON!. OK, BoBo, are you a moonie or an anti-moonie? This poor, unfortunate 4 year-old soul needs lots of help.

More messages will be added later.[IMAGE]