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For the last time, the NSEUCB has been upgraded. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to update. I have been very busy. I will be leaving the site like this for a long time. It as more content then it has had in the last few weeks. Also, for anybody new to this page, the NSEUCB is a break-off from the NSE (National Sailor Eradication) , a site dedicated to destroying Sailor Moon. Enjoy! [IMAGE]


Bubba Beverage has received information that the SOS has almost convinced a TV station to air a Sailor Moon-a-thon in Utah. This could be devastating to the entire state. (Not that anybody cares about Utah, but it could happen to states in the east too, such as West Virginia and Ohio). We need to warn as many people as possible, and try to stop the SOS before they take over other states.

Bubba Beverage has also received information that there is a Canadian SOS in Quebec. Their main objective is to get Sailor Moon back in their province. There is not much other info about this ordeal right now, and our main objective is stopping the regular SOS.

As suggested by the Evil Postman, the NSEUCB needs to ally with some other anti-SM pages, such as the SMIRC, SPASM, Pizza of Hut's page, Drew Hamilton's page, and Toad's page. If the leader of any of these pages reads this, please contact me at cvvona@hotmail.com. We need to ally desparately. Also, leaders of other pages, encourage your members to join the NSEUCB. As we get more members, we can send people out on various missions. To join, click here.
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