Hello, you Slack Jawed Yokels!!!

Yeah, according to my web page hit statistics, the majority of people that come to this site are slack jawed yokels. So we're only gonna say hi to them and forget everyone else that comes in here!


Ok, so that isn't true. I put it there to prove a point. Pretend Sailor Moon are the Slack Jawed Yokels, and the ISM are the other people that come on to this site. Thats how we at the ISM get treated all the time, as minorities in a SM world. So, when you come to this site, please don't start flaming and hating everything on this page, just because it's made by some guy that doesn't like Sailor Moon. And if you really can't stop yourself, please leave. I can't stop you from coming in, but I can't force you either.

Remember, you don't HAVE to come here. Whining about the page existing isn't going to change my mind (it's worked on other people, but it doesn't work for me) and it isn't going to take down the page, and it's not going to boost your self image or reduce your stress. If you really want to reduce stress, go smash a plate or something


Enter my personal ISM page

Leave and visit Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel's web site

"I kould kall my ma' while ah'm up 'ere. HEY, MA! GET OFF THE DANG REWF!!!"










Wat 'yu duin dawwn heire???