Sailormoon_S is no more!!!

That's right! It was scraped after a procott by the SOS! Score another one for the good guys!

What do Disney's Sailor Moon Movie and the Roman Empire have in common? They're both ancient history!

There has been absolutely NO news about Disney's Sailor Moon Movie anywhere, therefore, I believe it is safe to assume that it has been canned. This has been a good day indeed.

Company is granted license to kill...internet commerce. Their weapon of choice: Sailor Moon toys!

Irwin Toys, Ltd., purveyors of senseless Sailor Moon garbage have hit rock-bottom by successfully completing negotiations to sell "Sailormoon S" merchandise over the net to unsuspecting US residents who are unaware of the evil, mind-scrambling, intelligence draining death rays that are emitted by Sailor Mooon toys. ;-) With all this success, you've got to ask yourself: How many of the fans have ever really watched this show for what it is? Girls watch it as they are somehow under the false impression that a cartoon feturing five ditzes who have taken up permanent residence at the local mall, do nothing but eat, whine, get grades that would glorify Bart Simpson, and who, forty percent of the time, can't win a fight without the help of a male, is feminist. Guys who are huge fans, and equally as retarted, only watch it because the sailor scouts have mammary organs (look it up) the size of the former USSR. Kinda makes you wonder what these guys actually do with the toys anyway! ;-) These toys only epitomize the rampant unintelligence which is an integral part of Sailor Moon.

People of Salt Lake City, beware the Ides of March... No, wait a minute! That should be, beware the SOS!

All you moonies out there who believe the SOS is all good and sweet, (I know you're out there, despite my numerous warnings) let's all get in the virtual station wagon and go to the website which proves they encourage spamming broadcasters to air Sailor Moon. They are currently harrasing the people of Salt Lake City.

The Cartoon Network has fallen!

Sad, but true. Cartoon network has picked up Sailor Moon and is airing it at the begining of it's Toonami block of anime shows. I know it sucks, but please, no matter haw tempting it is, please do not E-mail Cartoon Network bugging them to take Sailor Moon off the air. We, the civilized, will not sink to the level of the SOS by spamming or E-mail bombing brodcasters about the show. Lets all hope that Cartoon Network learns of the magnitude of it's gastly mistake and reconsiders it's decision soon.
More Anti-Sailor Moon news as it develops!
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