Sailor Park by Levin (the imp)


Elements: South Park, and Sailor Moon

Hypothesis: Sailor moon, in a South Park enviroment


Opening (South Park) Theme Song:

Guy: Come down to Tokyo, and see if I can't unwind

Ami, and Leeda: Big eyed girls everywhere, not one japanese relation.

Guy: Come to down Japan, and see what I'll find.

Serena (with cartman's voice): Monsters attack here day and night, including Molly, and Melvin!

Guy: The only good moonies, are the ones that died.

Tuxedo Mask (tux collar covering mouth): Mpph, Mpph wiff beg viphhh Mpph, Mpph wiff beg tiphhh!!!

Guy: Come down to Tokyo, and meet some friends of mine...


*Serena awakes to find herself late for school.*

Serena (with cartman's voice): Oh sheeet, I'm late for school

*She waddles to the school yard, and runs past her friends, Ami, Leeda, Rea, and Mina. They are making a snowman, when they see her pass by.*

Ami: Why in the hell is Serena running to school? It's Saturday!!

Rea: You know....It's Serena, she's always a dumbass.

Mina: So are we going to find the Negaverse, or what?

Leeda: Nah, you know the Negaverse always finds us *patting down the snow man.*


Meanwhile in the depths of Darkness Queen Beryl plans to destory Sailor moon.

Queen Beryl (with Mr. Garison's voice): Well, that mean Mrs. Sailor Moon spoils my plans all the time. I have to come up with a new plan.....

*She holds up a puppet of Jedite*

Beryl: What do you think Mr. Jedite?

Jedite (Beryl): Any plan you come up with, is good enough for me, Queen Beryl.

Beryl: Okay then, I'll summon my army of evil.

*Slowly her army of evil, emerge from the shadows. Most of them South Park Characters like Chef, and the School Nurse (complete with dead fetus on her head)*

Beryl: Nephlite!! I have sent you out to destroy those Sailor girls, why haven't you done it already?

Nephlite: Well, I was going to, um-kay, but then the Moon girl shot that moon wand at me, um-kay, and then her friends shot fire and lightening um-kay. And I barely escaped, that moon girl and her friends must smoke Mari-Jawanna, cause they were all crazy. Mari-Jawanna's bad you shouldn't smoke Mari-Jawanna um-kay...

Beryl: Okay, I see... Well, we'll get our second chance.. right, Mr. Jedite?

Jedite (Beryl): Yes, Queen Beryl.


*A fat Serena waddles back to her friends*

Serena: Why you dumbasses didn't tell me school was closed?

Ami: You didn't ask us.

Rea: Yeah, and you're a dumbass.

Serena: Well, you're a bitch.

Mina: Don't call Rea a bitch!

Rea: Oh yeah.

Serena: Yeah, How about we sing Rea is a stupid bitch in D minor?

Mina: Serena, I told you not to call Rea a bitch!!

Serena: Whoa, ho!

*Clears her voice, while music starts*

Serena: Welllll, Rea is a bitch, a stupid bitch, the biggest bitch in the

whole wide world, she's a stupid bitch if there ever was a bitch, she's

a bitch to all the boys and girls.

*Leeda and Ami start clapping*

On Monday she's a bitch, on wednesday she's a bitch, on friday,

and saturday she's a bitch. Then on sunday, just to be different she's a

kinky, Shenshi bitchy stinky Bitcha!

Have you ever met my friend named Rea? She's the the biggest bitch in the

whole wide world, she's a stupid bitch she has a stupid head, she's a

bitchbitchbitch bitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitch cause she's

stupid Bitch!! My friend Rea is a Bitch, cause she's a stupid Bitch!


*Serena looks around, nobody's around. Everyone left..."

Serena(surprised): Well, (talking to no one) Screw you guys, I'm going home.


*The rest of sailor gang heads out to a foodstand in tokyo*

Chef: Hi childerns! Would you like some of my chocolate covered negaverse energy sappers?

Rea: Did you say Negaverse?

*Chef realizes his mistake*

Chef: Oh Fudge it!!

*morphs to his negaverse self*

Chef: I knew I should change the name of the candy!

*the sailors morph to their superpowers*

Sailors: We will punish you!!!

*Chef throws down a piece of chocolate, and it morphs into a monster, the shensi tremble in terror*

Chef: Gotta go!! *fades away*

Leeda: This looks like the end!!!

*just then a crystal rose hits the sidewalk, across the street it's Tuxedo Mask!!!!*

Tuxedo Mask: Mpphhh Hphhh Hhhmphh!!!

*Tux crosses crosses the street, just then a monster truck zooms by and smacks Tux, blood flings into the air!!!!*

Mercury: Oh my god! They killed Tuxedo Mask!

Rea: You Bastards!

*Chubby Serena waddles by, and sees what is happening. She morphs into her powers*

Sailor Moon: In the name of the moon, I'm gonna kick you in the ass!!

*she bends over and fart blasts the monster, monster dies instantly.*

Sailor moon: oh boy I'm going home I'm tired

Mars: You would be, you fat ass!

*Sailor moon bends over and fart blasts the sailors*

Sailor moon: Screw you guys, I'm going home....



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