Jenova Absolute

Welcome to Jenova Absolute, the largest Anti-SM links page on the internet today. It will soon have all known Anti-SM sites, a lot of Anti-Anti sites, and many known moonie hangouts (message boards, RPGs, Guestbooks, etc.). Have fun!

ASM Links

Toad Kinipio's Really Spiffy Anti-Sailor Moon page

Luke's ISM Page

Kommander Kackle's Anti-Sailor Moon base

Sane People Against Sailor Moon (SPASM) Campaign HQ

Tim and Aaron's Anti Sailor Moon Domain!

SMIRC Headquarters


Insanity4Me's Anti Sailormoon Page

Zawel's ISMania : An Anti Sailor Moon Page

Sailor moon SUCKS

Pizza of Hut's Anti SM Shrine

The Hidden Spy's Place

Yet Another Sailor ate My b@!!s

Sailor Moon sucks

Anti-Sailor Moon club home

Paco's Anti Sailor Moon Page

Ami-Chan's Anti Sailormoon Page

SBP's Anti Sailor Moon Web Base

Tarantulus' Anti-Sailor Moon Page

Illumina and Marc of Chan's Anti Sailor Moon Page


Operation ASSET

Anti Sailor Moon Defense Alliance (ASMDA)

The Alliance Of Antis: The AOA

Insanity4Me's Anti Sailormoon Page!

Anti Whatever!

Sailor Moon Heretics Association

Anti-Sailor Moon Shrine

Ranma and Goku's Anti-Sailor Moon Page

Kyle Drake's personal ASM Page

National Sailor Eradication: The NSE

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