Why the whole Sailor Force Sucks

Why Sailormoon Sucks

Why Sailormercury Sucks

Why Sailorvenus Sucks

Why Sailormars Sucks

Why Sailorjupiter Sucks

Why everyone else on that stupid show sucks

The legendary Sailor force. Man you guys really suck!

I really feel sorry for anyone who likes that stupid show. The addiction to sailormoon, otherwise known as sailor syndrome is very hard to cure but if you treat for it early it should be easily cureable. Please, if you or anyone you know is suffering from sailor syndrome please if you value their sanity e-mail me. I have the number for a psychologist who treats these types of diseases and with some work you can get help. Please don't delay. Ha Ha. All you sailormoon fans out there you guys have some serious mental problems. The goal of this webpage is to get sailormoon off the air. If you like this idea please join the club! When you do this you automatically are entered to recieve a regular e-mail telling of the progress of our goal. Also, you will, as soon as its up and running, be entered in a drawing for one of our anti-sailormoon t-shirts. The club costs nothing all that you have to do is always demote sailormoon. Thanks.- Calvin NEWS FLASH SAILOR MOON CAN KISS MY ASS! ~ Geô.RgE

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