This is an odd specimen. We don't know who made this site, as there is no name associated with the information we have available. We don't know what was contained in this site, as there is no description of it beyond what we have found below. We don't even really know if it ever was a site, as the records of the listed URL (that URL being http://www.terrashare.com/tshr_404.htm) indicate that the page linked was always a 404 error page...though, judging by later versions of the same page found within the Wayback Machine (namely, pages that indicate no data whatsoever is present in said page), it might also have been a sort of placeholder page. This possibility is reinforced by the only additional information we have: A short explanation of the (potentially coming) page, as given to Anime and Manga Resources List -- Karl's Unnecessarily Long Sailor Moon Links List: Anti-Sailor Moon Pages (located at http://www.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/u/mlvanbie/anime-list/sm_antimoon.html) on December 1, 2000 by the unknown creator of the anti-hype page. Presumably. Maybe.

Truth be told, we just don't know what this thing might have actually been in reality. All that we have is mere speculation.


Because sometimes mere speculation is more than enough of a basis from which to draw some rational conclusions.

There's clearly not enough information on this page to form an entire profile, and we know nothing of its creator. But we have more than nothing, potentially all that ever existed of the page in its entirety, meaning that we can't in good conscience treat it as a truly lost page. So, the safe, comfortable middle ground is to present the site as a fragment reconstruction--or, possibly, as a full construction of something that was intended to be made but was just...never made.


What we're able to present, then, are two fragments and a "what if" fantasy scenario construction using an amalgamation of both.

The two fragments that we present to you are a screen capture of the original blurb written for Anime and Manga Resources List -- Karl's Unnecessarily Long Sailor Moon Links List: Anti-Sailor Moon Pages, and a screen capture of the TerraShare 404 Error page that might have been a genuine placeholder page in and of itself.

The "what if" construction uses both the verbiage of the original blurb and the aesthetics of the TerraShare 404 Error page to "recreate" (or to just "create") a page that potentially never existed at all.

Sailor Moon Anti-Hype Page: Fragments

Explanation Blurb

TerraShare 404 Error Page Placeholder

Sailor Moon Anti-Hype Page: (Re?)Construction

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