Sane People Against Sailor Moon

Sane People Against Sailor Moon

Please Join the Fight!

Sailor Moon is a horrile excuse for Anime. Choppy Animation, little or no plot, stupid characters, and answer me this how come the leader Sailor Moon is only a puny moon while all her other twitty friends are big old planets? See, it makes no sense! They don't even have a Salior Earth. The creators of this putrid show excluded our own planet! Salior Moon must be stopped!

Real Anime is a beautiful artform. Just try watching the Ronin Warriors, Tenchi Muyo, Tomohome, Casshan Robot Hunter, the list of good anime goes on. This is why we have formed S.P.A.S.M. (Sane people against Sailor Moon)to stop the injustice to real Anime by the existence of Sailor Moon.

S.P.A.S.M. Founding Members

President (and ultimate Salior Moon hater): Emily Varden
Vice President:Aimee Bouchard

Other Founders

Marc Bouchard (assisted in creating logo)

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