1.) The animation is horrible and choppy... Not to mentions that most of it is used over and over again( Transforming into Sailor Scouts, Attacks, Etc.)

2.) Why does the Negaverse ALWAYS look for energy in Japan when they know Sailor Moon will stop them from collecting it? And before you email us saing "they are looking for the Rainbow Crystals" and "They are looking for the Tokyo Crystal Points" please remember that Jetiyte and Neflyte(I know I probably spelled their names wrong, but I don't care) are collecting energy for Queen Beryl, Ann & Allan are collecting fo the Doom Tree. So tell me where it reads that energy MUST come from Japan!

3.) This one really bothers us. Why the heck can't anyone tell who the Sailor Scouts really are? And how come the Sailor Scouts can't tell who Tuxedo Mask is? The Sailor Scouts are wearing some discount salvation army cheerleading outfits and a tiara( Esp. Sailor Mercury!! COME ON!! she is the ONLY girl in the town that has blue hair, and no one can tell who she is?!) wow some diguise. And Tuxedo Mask is wearing a Tuxedo with a cape, a top hat, and one of those eye pieces they wear to at a ball. And I don't wanna hear any BS like "What about Batman and Robin?" Well at least people CAN'T tell who they really are!

4.) How come Serena eats so much and doesn't gain a pound??

5.) Sailor Mercery must be the most weakest Sailor Scout of them all. The the first section all she does is analyze the monster's weakness or she'll throw some bubbles to fog up the area. Oh wow!! Some Power! I've never seen her throw a single punch.

6.) As long as it takes for Sailor Moon to prepare her Tiara or Spectre, how come the monsters don't have enough sense to dodge, parry, duck, or try in any way to avoid it?! I don't wanna hear any excuses like "She can make it turn around" because I'm pretty sure they would be able to dodge it again.

7.) Complete sexism. Half of the monsters are female-like. Not to mention that in the japanese verison the 3 male sailor scouts(Sailor StarFighter, StarHealer, and StarMaker) morph into females!! Plus the sailor scouts get their powers from little magic sticks and jewels.

8.) Everytime Sailor Moon is in trouble, either a rose flies across the screen(Gee, I wonder who that could be) or another sailor scout comes and saves her.

9.) The fights are only 5 minutes or less. I can see better action watching the Power Rangers(And I don't like them either!).

10.) The voice acting is pretty crappy. Especially whoever plays the DiC "Molly". She sounds like a country girl dying of heat(No, this is not a plot to get attention, we're being very truthful).

11.) Just the way Serena acts, if she was ruling or protecting the Universe now, we'd be pretty much doomed.

12.) When Queen Serenity seperated the Silver Crystal, why didn't she have enough sense to spread the Rainbow Crystals all over the world instead of just placing them in people in Japan???

13.) If there was a Kingdom on the Moon, how come Neil Armstrong didn't come across the ruins of it when he landed on the moon?

14.) Umm... Wouldn't it be strange to see a cat talk or laugh out loud in public(Not for the scouts, but just for someone walking by!)? Don't email me with crap saying "They only talk when no one else is around" because in one of the episodes Artemis was laughing at Lita and Mina for not having boyfriends or something and it was in a cafe with other people around. I'm pretty sure someone would notice.

15.) Each of the characters has a personally trait that is easily noticed:
Serena - A whiny crybaby that always argues with Ray and fails everything from English to Gym in school.
Amy - Super Intelligence Queen who does nothing but study.
Ray - Ego blowhard who always has something rotten to say to Serena.
Lita - Super strong girl who can't tell no boy from another and says "He reminds me of my old boyfriend" when she sees a guy.
Mina - Quote Toad Kinopio "Valley Girl(Okay, I give up!)"
Luna - Strict, Serious teacher who rarely tends to be easy going.
Artemis - Loose, easy-going teacher who has a sense of humor and rarely tends to be strict.
Rini - Spoiled brat who has never felt the sting of a leather belt go across her rear end!

16.) Darien is 20, 21 maybe(I know he is younger in the manga) and Serena is 14, or 15. I don't know what they do in Japan but in America that is considered seducing a minor.