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I'm temporarily moving this site. Hopefully I'll be back at http://www.tidalwave.net/~matthew/ soon. This page has several themes. Among them are Monkey Island (ya, there's nothing about it here, but man is that a good series!) and the opposition to Disney and Sailor Moon! My computer crashed thus not alowing me to answer to any e-mails about two or three weeks ago. I'm returning mail as fast as I can but let's just say the Mir Space Station will be completely operational before I'm finished.

Guybrush Threepwood says: "You're listeming to the theme from The Secret of Monkey Island tm. Oh by the way, I'm selling these great leather jackets..."
Anti-Sailor Moon page
Anti-Disney page

Please send all messages, compliments, questions, suggestions, and hate mail to matthew@tidalwave.net

Remember that Toad and Kinopio are trademarks of Nintendo and Nintendo of America. Monkey Island is a registered trademark of Lucasarts. This page is non-profit and I take no credit for these company's products. This site has been made for entertainment purposes. Don't take it too seriously (I still don't like Disney and Sailor Moon though). I also might just print some of your e-mails, so you've been warned.

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