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This section is where I review Anime titles I have seen. If I give your favorite anime a bad review, it is not because I hate you personally Okay? Simply say to yourself, "If the creator of this page doesn't care about my opinion, why should I care about his?". Basically, what I'm saying is I get enough flame mail over my Anti-Sailor Moon page and I don't need it over this one to. If I don't get the plot of an anime perfectly correct, it means one of two things: 1. I didn't like it enough to really care about it; or 2. I switched to CNN during the boring parts and missed a bit.

1. 8 Man After

This is about a city that has the technology to make people cyborgs. The cyborgs give themselves some kind of drug to make themselves powerful but too much can have a detrimental effect. The main character , Hazuma (a private detective) is killed and so is his assailant when he tries to save his love, Sachiko. Hazuma's mind is then put into the 8-man robot, which is a super powerful cyborg. Meanwhile the local police are trying to catch an arms dealer (really! He sells robot arms!) named Mr Halloween, when the cops start shooting him, they find out that *gasp* he's also a cyborg! Mr Halloween beats up the police force but get's pretty mangled in the process. Later on a kid named Sam finds his lost dad who is also a cyborg but is highly addicted to that weird drug that cyborgs take. Mr Halloween finds out that Hazuma is 8-man and wants the cool new body. He kidnaps Sachiko and Hazuma, of course, goes to rescue her. In the ensuing fight in a subway, Mr Halloweens two cronies are killed by Hazuma, but Hazuma is knocked out by an energy field. Mr Halloween takes Sachiko and Hazuma to his secret hideout and tells his Big Brain in a Jar to put his memory into the 8-man. Sam's father, realizing his addiction is killing him, rushes in at the last second killing the brain and giving some of the drug to 8-man giving him increased strength to battle Mr Halloween. Mr Halloween them kills Sam's father then fights 8-man, during the fight, the gun in his arm is damaged and it blows up, killing Mr Halloween. Hazuma then adopt sam, and leaves the city. When he arrives at his new office he finds out that Sachiko has followed him.

This anime is pretty good. Okay plot, good animation. The characters were pretty shallow, Good Guy, Bad Guy, Damsel in (constant) distress, Evil Nerd. The plot is not cliche although it reminds me of Robocop (Yes I know that the original was made 20 years before Robocop, so don't tell me!).

Project A-ko

In the prologue a giant meteor crashes down on a city totally annihilating it. The time shifts to 15 years later when a new, much more technologically advanced city has grown in the crater of the old one. A-ko is transferred to the school in this city and so is her friend C-ko. We then learn that A-ko is super strong and super fast. When they get to their new school a girl named B-ko wants C-ko to be her friend (don't ask me why) and make gigantic robots to kill A-ko. A-ko defeats all these robots which compels B-ko to make the Power Bikini which makes her as powerful as A-ko. Meanwhile an Alien force has found their princess that was lost 15 years ago (C-ko was in that giant asteroid and is an alien princess. Don't ask me how she survived when the entire city was vaporized.) The aliens launch an assault and attack the city. At this point all hell breaks loose and to sum things up, A-ko and B-ko save C-ko and the spaceship crashes.

This anime is an obvious parody of others in it genre. It makes fun of incredibly powerful super heros and action flicks. I have no idea if there is some kind of lesbian love triangle (not that there's anything WRONG with that) or just something really strange going on between the main characters. It really is not serious and other than in the prologue, there isn't a single death in the entire thing, which is a lot to say when in every scene there is some kind of incredible explosion or cataclysmic destruction going on. I recommend this one, it's pretty good.

Lily C.A.T

I'd like to say straight of that I did not really like this one. I don't remember a single character's name and considering I know ever Sailor Scout's English and Japanese name that doesn't say much for this piece. Basically these 13 astronauts have to settle a planet and this evil bacteria (that is quite large) starts absorbing them and the ship. Eventually only the captain, this depressed guy and this girl are left. There is also a robotic cat that wants to do something bad but I forgot. The captain tells the other two to escape on a emergency space shuttle and he goes to a room with a big tank of hydrogen. He opens the valve and lights a match blowing up him, the cat and the ship. The other two escape but the bacteria has grabbed their ship. However when they land on the new planet, the bacteria gets burnt up in re-entre. Then the main guy starts jabbering something about how butterflies get depressed when the change from caterpillars.

Like I said before, this one isn't so hot. If you've seen Alien, you've seen this anime with a cooler monster. It didn't make much sense and the characters were really annoying. Near the end, the depressed guy tries to kill himself, and I started rooting for him. It was pretty sad.

Tenchi-Muyo in Love

This one has a huge fan base so I know that no matter what I say about this one will cause me flames from irate fans. Anyway, just for fun I'm going to try to summarize this one in one sentence, here I go. Tenchi Muyo has a bunch of alien friends and they figure out that an evil entity is going to kill his mom in the past, so they go to the past and confront the evil entity and Tenchi's mom has super powers and she beats it up but it's not dead so they use a really powerful weapon that blows it 8 ways from Sunday and his mom dies because she used up her life energy in the fight. Whew, When, pant pant!

I liked this one. Aside from it's obvious rip offs from Star Wars (i.e light saber, hereditary psychic force, giant weapon that destroys planets etc.) it was entertaining. Good plot, excellent animation, most characters were developed. One thing that bugged me was that when the characters were shown in a profile shot they have huge overbites. They look like the "Simpsons" for crying out loud!

Gall Force: Eternal Story

I forget the names of the characters in this anime because I saw it a long time ago. It is about a ship with an all female crew (thus GALLforce) and their army, the Solenoids and at war with the Paranoids (am I the only one who finds that name odd?). The Paranoids put an alien on their ship that kills two crew. All of them but three manage to escape the ship before it blows up. They arrive at a new planet and one of the crew starts to have stomach pains. It turns out that the evil alien implanted a crossbreed between the Solenoids and the Paranoids. Both races are evil and the three crew members make this giant tower electrify all the ships of the Solenoid and the Paranoids that have gathered to fight each other. Then the sceen changes to a modern day city and all the characters, including the dead ones, are walking around.

This one is like Lily C.A.T with a better plot. Not much better though. The ending made was kind of dumb and the characters were not developed. It was cliche government using the troops for bio experiments and the troops fighting back, with an alien thrown in.


This is the story of a baby unicorn named Unico. He makes everyone happy. For some obscure reason the gods don't like this and they banish him to the land of oblivion. The West Wind which is supposed to do this but she takes pity on Unico and dumbs him on a deserted island. Gee how nice. Anyway Unico enters a cave where a devil lives, the devil accidentally kills itself while trying to kill Unico. It turns out that the devil had a son named Beezle (get it? Beelzebub? another name for the devil) who starts to harass Unico. Unico promises that if Beezle will be his friend, he'll give him his horn for a day. Apparently Unico's horn is attached by velcro because it comes off and Beezle sticks it on his head, Unico then falls off a cliff into the sea. Beezle leaves to go back to his cave. He starts to feel guilty and goes to save Unico who has almost drowned. He claims that he is only keeping his side of the bargain and gives the horn back to Unico. He then tells that sea water is poison to devils and begins to die. Unico realizes that Beezle really cares for him and turns into a gigantic flying unicorn (now you know where that Sailor Moon guy stole the unicorn from Sailor Moon S) and carries Beezle back to land. He then turns back to a tiny Unicorn nd magically gives Beezle a hornf his own. Beezle then bounces around making flowers and stuff. The gods see this happiness and get pee'd off. The send the Night Wind to capture Unico. The West Wind get Unico first and sets him in a new land. He then meets Katie the Kitty who wants to be a witch. They meet an old woman who Katie thinks is a witch. She starts asking the old woman to turn her into a girl so she can be a witch but off course the old woman can't understand so she just treats her like a cat. Unico takes pity on her so he turns her into a girl. Katie does chores for the old woman but eventually gets arrogant so Unico doesn't like he anymore, thus his magic doesn't work on her so she turns back into a cat. Katie gets depressed and mopes around near the old lady. One day the old lady is washing her cloths and a rag falls into the river. Trying to grab it, the old woman falls into the river. Katie jumps in to save he and as she does Unico turns her back into a girl and Katie saves the old woman and Katie and Unico are friend again. later while fetching water, Katie meet a Dark Man on a horse. He lures her into his forest castle. Unico follows her but the forest is enchanted and tries to stop him. He eventually gets to the house. Meanwhile the Dark Man is getting Katie drunk. He then locks here in a room. Unico sneaks in and rescues her. The Dark Man then steals Katie away again and ties her to a spire on his roof. The West Wind find Unico and tells him to come with her. Unico runs off saying that he has to save Katie. West Wind then goes and brings Beezle to where Unico is. Unico grows wings and stabs the Dark Man who plummets and impales himself on one of the spires on his roof. Beezle, Unico and Katie then run down the stairs if the house as it begins to collapse. As they get to the ground, the Dark Man turns into a gargantuan grim reaper with a cow's head. Unico tries to fly up and fight him but the monster chops off his horn and Unico plummets to the ground and dies. Katie cries and holds his body and Beezle gives him the him the horn he received earlier. These acts of love revive Unico and allow hi to turn into the big Unicorn and kill the monster. West Wind then takes Unico away and Beezle and Katie call out for him. Unico say good bye as he is being carried away.

I think this was one of the first animes I ever saw. It is obviously aimed at kids but was changed in the dubbing. For instance, when the Dark Man steals away Katie, he says he wants to kill her, but it's obvious he wants to, well, have his FUN with her while she's drunk. Do you get my drift? I recommend this one to anyone who likes Sailor Moon. It has an evolving plot, the animation is good and I like the music. My only complaint is that the ending is downright depressing. Leaving off with Unico never seeing his friends again is a little annoying to say the least.

That's it for now! I have seen more but I'll write 'em later so come back soon!

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