Many people ask me "Why do you hate Disney so much? It is because you are a fanatic or are you just crazy?" (What many people TELL me is absolutely different!)

The Answer-> Yes and no. I am a Fanatic but that is not why I hate Disney.

Here is why:

1. Disney conveniently wait for people to die, then uses their books or ideas as movies so they don't have to pay royalties. Was it just a coincidence "James and The Giant Peach" and "Matilda" came out almost a week after Ronald Dahl's death?

2. Disney want's to own everything. It has bought ABC, the rights to many stories, and countless other companies. Once it has done this it cuts their budget so it can suck up even more money. Disney tried to buy Muppet Studios but was unsuccessful in their attempt. (this didn't stop them from making Muppet movies however)

3. Disney is treating ABC like garbage. It payed Mr. Ovich 500 million dollars to leave and the ABC workers are fighting to get benefits back from Eisner.

4. It likes to rewrite history. Pocohontis. Enough said.

5. It rewrites books and stories. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was nothing like the book where almost every character dies. "Hercules" (soon to be released) will almost undoubtable be rewritten. I seriously doubt that the part were Hera makes Hercules murder his family will be in the movie. Or the part where he repopulates a town with 200 virgins.

6. It hides behind Mickey when ever it gets in trouble (ex. How can you hurt Mickey? *sob, sob*)

7. Disneyland is one of the biggest polluters on Earth.

8. And finally It degrades everything it touches (ex. Endless Pooh merchandise, Muppets doing stupid shows and movies, and I must admit Sailor Moon which will be, AAARGH!, live action)

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