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Welcome to my Anti-Sailor Moon page. I finally decided to do a major update! I'm gonna change a few other things in a while. If you e-mailed me requesting a responce in the last two weeks, SORRY!! I really haven't had a lot of free time lately. I barey have enough to update this page. Anyway, I'm trying to respond to you, please be patient.


Anime IS actually bad for you! It's true. 700 people is Japan were hospitalized after watching, "Little Monsters" a popular anime title. Apparently the strobe effects of one character's eyes sent people into seizures. Don't wory. The episode was pulled from video shelves so all you anime watchers can enjoy your shows with the safe of mind that you won't suddenly have an epileptic fit in the middle of your viewing experience.

You may ask what is Sailor Moon, why I don't like it, and why someone would waste their time making a degrading site for it. All these questions will be answered later. I have been accused of hating Moonies by many people who have e-mailed me. WHERE in my site do I make that impression? Sure, I hate the show, but I do not once say I dislike the people who like the show.

If you wanna flame me, read this first!

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