Sailor Moon is a Japanese anime about a 14 year old girl named Serena (or Usagi in the Japanese version). She is stupid, clumsy, greedy, whiny, and has an I.Q. of 26. For some strange reason she is chosen to be Sailor moon by a cat named Luna. There are 4 other sailor scouts; Ami, Lita, Rei and Mina. Except for Ami, they don't seem to have 17 brain cells between them. Some say that they strike a blow for women rights because they are an all girl team but I say not so. When they don't fight, all they do is shop or dream about guys and when they do fight, a guy name Tuxedo Mask saves their buts almost every time. Serena eats enough food to feed an underdeveloped nation yet she gains no weight. Also she whines that she is fat but a strong wing could snap her waist in two. Plus in the miserable fight scenes she breaks down or runs, contradictory to the lyric "Never running from a real fight" in the opening song. I guess all of her battles aren't real.

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