The 5 Types of Sailor Moon Fans

If you are offended by this page, you are type number 4 or 5

After receiving some thousand or so E-mails from moonies concerning this page, I have decided that there are many different kinds of people who like Sailor Moon.

1. "Regular Sailor Moon Watcher" - Likes to watch Sailor Moon. Will sometimes mail an Anti-Page to say that they think it is funny or that they don't like it (in a civil way). My Opinion of them: They like the show. I hate it. I have nothing against them and sometimes enjoy an e-mail that has substantial merit on how my page could improve.

2. "Moonie" - Really likes to watch Sailor Moon. Might make pages about Sailor Moon. Sometimes will tape episodes if they aren't home to watch them. Will sometimes mail an Anti-Page to say that they think it is funny or that they don't like it. My Opinion: I also made a page based on Sailor Moon. They like a show and make a page on it. They have freedom of speech and I don't condemn them for it.

3. "Slightly Obsessed Fan" - If they have internet capabilities, they will make a Sailor Moon page. Will more than likely tape episode they will miss. If they see an Anti-Moon site, they might mail a message that says they disagree. My Opinion: Their mail range from interesting to anoying.

4. "Obsessed Fan" - Same as #3 however very vindictive. Will be very contradictory in mail messages. Almost always threatening or profane. Takes attacks on Sailor Moon very personally. My Opinion: These people need to GET A LIFE! If I insulted them I wouldn't be surprised by their vicious e-mails but I attacked a SHOW. The people that have basis to attack me are people who made the show.

5. "Psychotic Fan" - Same as #4 but a whole lot scarier. They make Anti-Anti-Moon sites. They put multiple angry messages in Anti-Moonies' guest books. Flames, E-mail bombs, threats, nothing is too low. I've received DEATH THREATS over this stupid show. Is it that important? They act like victims of Anti-Moon sites but I have never heard of Anti-Moonies mailing threatening letters to Moonies. (Pre-reply- I can assure any Moonie that I have received more hate mail than you will ever get) My Opinion: I'm sick of their e-mails and I think my definition of them clearly states my opinion of them.

This page was made in response to Moonie mail I get. If you are don't like, it's you're own fault. I based this page on the mail I get.

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