Live Action Sailor Moon

Many of you probably know about the live-action Sailor Moon movie that is supposedly in the works. If you don't, head over to SOS and ask them about it. Any way, I personally think it's a prettty dumb idea. And here's why:

1. Why not just save money and dub the Sailor Moon movies? There would be the familiarity in the animation, characters and style. Also people already want to see them so there is market waiting to be tapped.

2. Lets say this movie will be about 90 minutes long. It will take about 5 minutes of introduction, 5 minutes for setting, 10 minutes to introduce Serena and develope her character, 20 minutes to introduce the other four scouts, 5 minutes for Serena to find Luna and have her tell her about her past and 10 minutes for Luna to tell the others (that is if in the L.A.M (live action movie) Artemis isn't included). That is about 55 minutes already. The producers will more than likely do this, otherwise they would alienate the people that do not watch Sailor Moon and it is not a good idea to exckude large segments of the population. Left with 35 minutes, they have to introduce Quenn Beryle, have her do some evil stuff, have the Scouts fight her and kill her, and wrap it all up. As you can see it is not feasible to pack this much into one movie.

3. Being made from Disney, it will mst certainly be aimed at the younger audiences. This will make it a sorta Power Rangers 3.

4. In live action, Amy's hair will look darned silly!

5. I saw some pictures of the previous atempt at a live action Sailor Moon. It was pretty stupid looking and did not do the show much justice.

6. I doubt Disney will alow their skirts to be that short.

7. Ask yourself: If DIC already had the plot, the animation, the scripts and an obligation to several companies to do a good job on the show, how good a job do you think Disney will do with absolute control on what goes? We'll pobably see Serena's "meatball" hair replaced with a Mickey Mouse hat.

8. Although the show is popular, the first time it aired it did kinda crummy. It's merchandicing failed miserably. Although SOS did succesfully petition to get it back on air, it is still a risky investment for sponsers.

9. Do you really think Alicia Silverstone is going to play Sailor Venus?

I'm not against this movie simply because it is about Sailor Moon. I hate to see any idea or show hacked to peices by a greedy company. In this page I'm on Sailor Moon's side.

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