Toad's Faq/Fmc

Before I start, I want to say that this is based on the faq from the Anti-Mercury page.

I receive a lot of mail over my page. A lot of the mailers ask or say similar things. I am responding by writing this Frequently Asked Questions/Frequently Made Comments section. Verify what you want to write here. Hopefully it will save both of us a lot of time.

Why do you know so much about the show?

Do you know how many people have asked me that? If you want the answer it's that many Moonies trash anti Sailor Moon sites for not knowing enough about the show. I know about the show so I can make an informed opinion about how lame it is. I get trashed for that. It's a no win situation.

You don't know enough about the show! I know more than you!

A few moonies tried to challenge me over general Sailor Moon knowledge and were crushed. I'm not saying that I know everything about Sailor Moon, just that I do know what I'm talking about.

You mixed the DIC version with the original

So? Why should I care?

I hate your ^%#& guts, you mother &^&^*#!!!!

This kind of mail, not only diminishes my respect for moonies, but is basically a waste of time because nothing is accomplished for the sender or me.

I AM Sailor Moon!

Uh-huh. There is a deference between signing an e-mail with a Sailor Scouts name and writing an e-mail with the impression that you fight crime in a short skirt. Ask yourself, "If Toad sent me a letter saying he was a two foot tall mushroom, would I take him seriously?"

Take this site of the net now, or I will punish you!

No I will not take this site of the net. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Your site is taking up space for Sailor Moon pages

Sigh. This is one of the most ludicrous comments. First of, I'm on a private server which I get with my internet access. (although I am temporarily on Geocities) This means that it really wouldn't matter if my site was on or off. Second, there are about 1,000 Sailor Moon sites already. About half all have the same information. I really don't think that my one site is causing a shortage of Sailor Moon on the internet.

In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!

Saying this phrase (or one like it) doesn't intimidate me one bit. I don't read it, then quickly look over my shoulder to make sure a tiara isn't flying at me. It wastes your time and makes you look dumb.

SAILOR MOON RULZ!! (repeated 10,000 times)

Although writing this over lots of times does reinforce a fact, I kind of get the point after the first 100. This really only wastes your time because as soon as I realize that you're repeating an inane phrase 10,000 times, I delete the letter. So, in the click of a mouse, your ten minutes of work are gone. Too bad.

Watch the Japanese version!! It's so much better

I would like to see it, however I see no feesible way at this time to view them. Maybe in the future.

I'm really clever! I'm gonna subscribe you to 50 different newsletters including such greats as Porn Monthly and Raising Iguanas for Fun and Profit!

I'm pretty sure finding 50 different newsletters and subscribing me to them is going to take up a pretty hefty chunk of your afternoon. After I recieve the notice that I have been subscribed, I immediately cancel them all in about 3 seconds. That is about (let's say you spend 3 hours finding the newsletters) a 3600:1 ratio of your time wasted against mine. But hey, if you really want to waste your life looking up loser sites and subscribing a guy on the internet up to newsletters he will delete with no effort, I guess I can't stop you.

I'm so much smarter than you!

That's really great. Say that each day and someday you'll believe it. I have no way to accurately rate your intelligence, you could be Steven Hawkings or Gomer Pyle for all I know. My general rule is, If you have to brag to me about how smart you are, generally you are trying to fool yourself.

You couldn't make a better show than Sailor Moon!

I'll bet you're right considering I have absolutely no training in animation, literary production, or art and I don't have a team of professionals with these talents on payroll. The way I see it, Siskel and Ebert certainly can't MAKE a movie like Jurasic Park 2. However they can SAY how bad it is. I can't make a T.V show, but I can point out which ones, in my opinion, are bad.

Your spelling sucks!

Sorry. If it really bothers you that much, catalog all the errors into a list labeling the page/paragraph/sentence where the misspelled words can be found. This is probably the only way it will be fixed. If you have enough free time to send me a flame, you can do this as well.

You spend too much time on your page. I have such a cool life! It is better than yours!

This is generally the same as the intelligence issue. I can't rate your life, but it probably isn't to interesting if you're flaming a guy with an Anti-Sailor Moon page. And no, all my free time does not go into this page. I do many other things and spend a relatively small amount of time updating this page.

Sailor Moon is my lover!!

I'm glad you found the only person that will ever love you, a fictional anime character. However it really is not any of my concern and I don't really care.

You're destroying the dreams of children everywhere!

Unlike you, most kids can tell that Sailor Moon is fiction. I doubt kids are sinking into deep depresions because they see a web page making fun of a show they like.

How would you like it if someone made fun of your favorite show?

I would probably laugh. I don't know anyone that has read a MAD magzine in which something they like wasn't made fun of. And somehow MAD magazine stay in business. Get a sense of humor.

You are evil for hating Sailor Moon!

I pretty sure no religion speaks out against hating TV shows. And I don't harrass people over their beliefs (as people do to me).

I hope this has helped anyone who feels like sending me flame mail. If you have something you think I really ought to see go a head and mail it.

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