Many people ask me "Hey Pal, what's your beef with Sailor Moon? It can't possibly be that bad. Are you obsessed or something? Well, it is that repulsive and more. And to prove it here's my...

Reasons of Sailor Moon's Stupidity

1. The animation is not only half rate ,but half of each show is reused from previous episodes (ie. fighting, transformations, attacks).

2. Why in the world does the Negaverse only attack Tokyo, Japan? Even if it has to attack Japan, it could hit someplace so far away the Sailor Scout couldn't get their in time to save the day. And to all you people who e-mail saying "Well they need the Rainbow Crystals" or "The Crystal Tokyo Points" let me tell you one thing. In the first season when they are collecting ENERGY, there is no requirement that is comes from Japan. HA! Eat that!

3. Why is it none of the extra characters can tell who Sailor Moon is? She's wearing a tiara over her forehead. Big disguise. I am sick of getting e-mails from people about Super Man and Batman. Yes!! You are right! Their disguises are worth an ice cube in Alaska either!!

4. Corny dialogue. How many people do you hear saying "Wicked Cool!". In the Japanese theme "My heart is a kaleidoscope", what the heck does that mean?!! And in the manga Rei says "With my high heels, I'll punish you!", something about that just doesn't sound right.

5. Stupid themes. I don't know about you but I sure don't want Serena ruling the Universe.

6. I'm sorry, but isn't it a bit unusual to see a cat talk or laugh hysterically in public (not for the Scouts, for the PASSERS BY!)?

7. All of the characters are two dimensional (to a few Literarily impaired, 2-d can also mean a character with only one or two personality traits. You can't imagine the number of people that thought I meant flat as in "paper")
Serena - Whiny, crybaby
Amy - Super intelligent recluse (Voted by her class "Most likely to marry Theadore Kazinski")
Rei - Annoying big mouthed blowhard
Lita - Super strong girl who feels she has to beat people up and can't tell one guy from the other.
Mina - Vally Girl (Okay, I give up!)
Luna - Strict, uptight teacher
Artemis - Loose, jovial teacher

8. I know I'm going to get a bunch of flames about this one. Darein is 20 something years old (yes I know he's younger in the manga so don't e-mail me saying that). Serena is 14-15. Isn't their relationship illegal? I know in America this is classified as seducing a minor.

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