Sailor Moon Derogatory Voting Booth

Last modified Aug 30, 1997

Alan and Ann Win!

Alan and Ann beat the 4 Sisters by 1 vote for the "Evil Villain You Wish had kicked Sailor Moon's Loser Butt" Plus on my "Bonus Topic" of whether I shoud keep th Anti-Anti-Anti-Moon site or not - The Pros outnumbered te Cons 2 : 1! This is good because a whole new batch pf Anti-Anti-Moon sites are springing up!

Previous winners- Allan and Ann for Evil Villian That Should Have Kicked Sailor Moon's Loser Butt; Melvin for Character You Wouldn't want to be Stuck in an Elevator With; Mina for Least Personality; Molly for Most Annoying Voice; Sailor Moon for Most Useless Scout.

This week's topic is "Little Things About Sailor Moon that Really Bug You"

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