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Dedicated to the people with way too much time on their hands. I advise people to view the sites I critique or you probably won't understand what I'm trying to say.

Eat my Blinking Text! The Bane of Anti-Anti-Sailor Moon People!

In Defence of the Fans of Sailor Moon

Ah! Another page to add to my Anti-Anti-Anti-Sailor Moon page! First off, this person doesn't really defend Sailor Moon fans, It attacks Anti-Moonies. Also it is a major rip off of Brockways site. (Discriptions and Hyperlinks, list of other Anti-Anti-Sailor Moon sites, and a list of Anti-Anti sites that are no longer in existence) Most of the time these people are reasonably intelligent. However this one gave me the opposite impression. I've never seen someone have a broken link back to their main page from one of their other pages. (I predicted that this would be corrected quickly; and I was right) Here comes their page and my comments:

What can I say? This "Matthew" person's goal is simple: Get people really ticked off at him. And judging by the hate mail he's posted, I'll say he's done it. He insults the people who have written him. "You mean 'you're'! Moron." He doesn't bother to counteract the argument that the person made. Excuse me! How are you supposed to counteract the main part of my mail which is "YOU STUPID &%$#@^%$#@ PIECE OF ^%^&%&*%!!!! I HATE YOU"RE(sic) ^%$% GUTS!!! I mean really.He calls that other person a moron, yet makes himself look worse. "People who are inspired by Sailor Moon need serious help." How much more insulting can a person be? Last time I checked, Sailor Moon was a TV SHOW, not a religious experience. I don't put people down for liking it, but I do for going too far. You don't hear people say "My gosh, that Dilbert cartoon yesterday, it was so inspiring that I'm moving to Tibet to become a monk." Sad.Sad to say, pretty bad. Another feature I would like to address concerning his page and most other Anti-Sailor Moon pages out there is uninformed and unbacked propaganda. His "reasons" for not liking the show are proof he either hasn't watched it, or he didn't watch it very closely. These are the same arguments I see on every page (some are even more idiotic):

1. The animation is not only half rate ,but half of each show is reused from previous episodes (ie. fighting, transformations, attacks).

The animation is much better than most truly American (drawn, produced, and written in the U.S.A.) shows out there, i.e. Duckman, the paintbrush with a beak, King of the Hill, the family with the stiff Barbie-Doll walk, etc. First, this person did not actually say that Sailor moon was good, only better than American T.V shows. Second they compared it to lame American TV shows. Lets compare "Gargoyles" or "The Simpsons" to "Voltron" and "Speed Racer" if you want to play that way. And do you see Duckman or King of the Hill reusing parts of their previous shows?

2. Why in the world does the Negaverse only attack Tokyo, Japan? Even if it has to attack Japan, it could hit someplace so far away the Sailor Scout couldn't get their in time to save the day.

They could actually, but I can't expect someone who has obviously never seen the show to know that. They have a teleport power where they say "Scout Power" in the dub and "Teleport Power" in the Japanese, which they used in the last episode of the first season ("Day of Destiny" in the dub) to teleport to the North Pole. I watch enough of the show to know that the Negaverse did not attack the North pole, the Sailor Scouts attacked the Negaverse there.

3. Why is it none of the extra characters can tell who Sailor Moon is? She's wearing a tiara over her forehead. Big disquise.

In the first Starlight Tower episode ("A Crystal Clear Destiny" in the dub), either Luna or Artemis (memory's foggy at this point) explained that as Sailor Scouts (Senshi in Japanese) there is an aura that makes them look different (and in the Sailormoon R Movie, Fiole *did* recognize them, because he has special eyesight). It's a very lame explanation. Why would the suits hide their identities if they are supposed to be fighting in the past where everyone knows who they are? (this is a rhetorical question-I do not want an answer) Also one exception doesn't count.

4. Corny dialogue. How many people do you hear saying "Wicked Cool!". In the Japanese theme "My heart is a kalidescope", what the heck does that mean?!! And in the manga Rei says "With my high heels, I'll punish you!", something about that just doesn't sound right

I hear a lot of people say "Wicked Cool!" and other things like that. As for "My Heart is a Kaleidoscope", you are obviously "Poetically Illiterate". It means that just as a Kaleidoscope has many different colors that change with the light, the heart has many different emotions that change with new situations. Rei's (I'm using it now because the Manga is Japanese) line about the high heels is meant to be humorous, but of course I can't expect that from someone with no sense of humor. Whether they're poetic or humorous they are are still incredably cheasy. Just to say I have heard many stupid expressions, wicked cool was not one of them.

5. Stupid themes. I don't know about you but I sure don't want Serena ruling the Universe.

The theme is not about Serena *ruling* the Universe, it's about Serena *protecting* the Universe. So far she's done well in even the toughest situations, i.e. when Darien (Chiba Mamoru in the Japanese) was captured and brainwashed. She becomes the stupid Queen (or something to that effect). I think that qualifies as ruling the Universe

6. I'm sorry, but isn't it a bit unusual to see a cat talk or laugh hysterically in public?

They don't in public unless it's a secluded spot with no people around, or if it isn't, they talk just loud enough for the Scouts (Senshi) to hear them, but no one else, i.e. "Checkmate" in the dub. I don't know what show they're watching. To cite one specific example, in the episode where Lita and Mina are bored and Artemis laughs at them because they don't have boy friends. It's a crowded cafe with people walking by. Someone would notice.

7. All of the characters are two dimensional:
Serena - Whiny, crybaby
Amy - Super intelligent recluse (Voted by her class "Most likely to marry Theadore Kazinski")
Rei - Annoying big mouthed blowhard
Lita - Super strong girl who feels she has to beat people up and can't tell one guy from the other.
Mina - Vally Girl (Okay, I give up!)
Luna - Strict, uptight teacher
Artemis - Loose, jovial teacher

The characters are more than two-dimensional. Serena may be a whiny crybaby, but she came through with guts and determination in "Day of Destiny", "The Past Returns", "Treed", etc. Amy is a nerd, but she has shown other character traits such as gutsiness and sensitivity in "Day of Destiny", "Sailor Mercury Moving On?", "Mercury's Mental Match", etc. Raye has shown her good, caring side in "Day of Destiny", "A Reluctant Princess", "Gramps in a Pickle", "Prediction of Doom", "Enemies No More", "Ski Bunny Blues", etc. Lita (Kino Makoto in the Japanese) doesn't always feel she must beat everyone up, such as in "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall" and "A Charmed Life", and can be simply friends with a guy, namely Ken in "A Knight to Remember". Mina (Aino Minako in the Japanese) is not just a Valley Girl, but very sensitive, caring, and stubborn, such as in "Bad Hair Day", "Prediction of Doom", "A Charmed Life", "Sailor Mercury Moving On?", etc. Luna has shown some jovial times, like in "Kitty Chaos" and "Grandpa's Follies". Artemis has been strict at times, like in "Day of Destiny". I suggest that before you decide that you hate a show, you should get your information straight. Having a two-dimentional character is okay but when they make a character go against their nature (as in some of the episodes listed previously) for one or two instances when it moves the plot is very lame.

I am so totally sick of being labeled as a Moonie basher. I do NOT repeat NOT hate moonies. I have several friends that are moonies and do not hassle them in any way. Why? Because they watch the show, like it and leave it there. The people that I don't like are people that base their lives on Sailor Moon. If I didn't like Moonies I'd have something in my page like "All Moonies are big stupid ninnies!" My Moonie friends are often ashamed when I show them the mail I get from crazed mooine extremists.

Update on Kool Aid Queen. (maintainer of this site) After a seeing this page I recieved a guest book entre about how it makes me look like a loser. This is a total contradiction because before she says I need to counteract when people flame me. I requested information on why she thought this way (she condemns sites for not citing information to support their claims yet rarely does it herself) and on my opinion of the Janus-Kyle controversy. In my opinion it is basically Janus's fault. Whether Kyle insults Moonies or not, he has the right to do it. However hacking and erasing private property (in this case, a guest book) is illegal. Kool Aid Queen believes that since Kyle had an obvious password and that she disagrees with him, he deserved what he got and it wasn't Kyle's fault. I then recieved a message from Kool Aid Queen(K-A-Q) about how I am really against Moonies because a year ago I flames somebody that e-mail me. Of course she just forgot to mention that that person mailed and irate and insulting letter and in my opinion, deserved retaliation. Also K-A-Q reinstated the fact that she believes that "if you are dumb enough to leave your back door open, you deserve to get robbed" and that this crime could not be enforced because it was on the internet. She included nothing to support her idea that I am a moron. I interpreted her statement to mean that if someone does not take enough security measures, then then they are deserving of whatever happens to them. If a man gets shot, it's his fault for not wearing teflon armor. If someone's car gets stolen, it's their fault for accidentally leaving the door unlocked. Also if a crime is petty and never discovered, it's okay to commit. I remailed these opinions to her (and a message stating that I was winning the battle) hoping to get an intelligent responce. Instead I got back a letter that feebly tried to contradict what I said about petty crime. Plus she pointed out a word I mispelled in my letter. At the end she then states that she is winning and hat I can't respond because she has a program that screens out my letters. In my opinion if someone cuts off a debate, they are losing and want to quit to save face. Apparently someone with the pitiful arguments K-A-Q suplied needed to get while the getting was good. If anyone has an opinion over this then I will be glad to hear about it. Especially over the Janus-Kyle problem. My opinion is that what Janus did was wrong and my opinion would be the same if an Anti-Moonie commited the same act.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

What He Thinks His Page Says about Him: I'm really cool for attacking an incredible minority of sites and protecting a show with thousands of fans backing it!

What the Page really Says about Him:"I'm an incredable moron and elitist. I am so obsesed with a pathetic, stupid show, that I will defend it from people that I consider below me. I like to attack others so I can feel real big. I also imitate other sites and pass it off as original."

Programing:Likes to use JAVA to make a real long list.

Spelling/Grammar: Decent, however lots of spaces are missing in places where he gripes at other people's grammar

Hey! Apparently Farima has been reincarnated, only in a less intelligent form. Looks like Cgold wants to play update war. Well, ho ho ho!

AAAARGH!!!!!!!! Must everything I say be misinterpreted?! When I say "minority of sites" I mean that what are about 10 anti-pages going to do to the hundreds of moony sites? To feel threatened from them is just a tad paranoid.

Why the heck would anyone title a site "Can't We All Just Get Along" and then make a list of insults. I am personally offended. This loser apparently was high on something when he viewed my site because he has an incredably misconception about it. I apparently used the "copy-paste" command to copy Drew Hamilton's page. If that was true then why are our site increably different? Where in my page do I have a part where I compare Sailor Moon to Belle? Where on Drew's site does he have an: Anti-Moon Campaign, An Anti-Anti-Anti-Moon Site or a Sailor Moon Quiz. I admit that the layout is a little alike but it stops there. CGold apparently looked at the fact that I have his site linked at the bottom of my page and said "Hmm... I heard about a guy named Sherlock Holmes. Although he was a fictional character, not unlike Sailor Moon, he must have an incredable inpact on my actual life! I'll play detective and asume that since he has a link to Drew Hamilton's Site, he obviously copied it!".

He pathetically tries to save face by saying that I copied Drew's voting booth, plot summaries, reasons for hating the show and the mailbag. Lets look at Drew Hamilton's reasons-

Cultural inaccuracies.

Inaccurate theme song words.

Rip-offs from popular movies.

Blindness (or is it utter stupidity?) of the characters. (refering to the fact that they can't tell who Sailor Moon is when she transforms)

Writers who don't know about astronomy.

Lack of a Sailor Earth.

Terrible Closed-captionning

Series Names Inappropriate for Kids

...And just why do they call themselves "Sailors"? Have you ever seen any of them driving a boat?

How many of those were on my page? ONE!!!! and it refers to how when anyone watches the show they ask themselves, why the heck can't anyone tell who Sailor Moon is? She wearing a tiara!

Of the episode guides, of the four I have writen, two are on Drew's page. These two also include completely different information!

Voting booths-

Mailbag-Although I did get the idea from Drew's page, the responces to the mail are very different. I don't believe any of our responces have the same conotation (except that some of the people who e-mail us are complete buffoons).

There. I have proven that Cgold attacks are have no backing and are incredably tenuous. I'm starting to believe he has never visited Drew's page. If he wants to bash this page, FIND SOMETHING THAT IS ACTUALLY WRONG WITH IT! (I know I'm asking for trouble here)

His amazing powers of logic have gotten better! He succecfully deducts that I think that he is obsessed with Sailor Moon, however it still needs some work. He claims that I am more obsessed because of my Anti-Anti-Anti-Sailor Moon page but my superior powers of logic I fiqure that we're about even in the obsessed department. The Anti-Moon site is the equal to the regular Moonie site. The Anti-Anti Moon site is extra, therefore the maintaner of it is more obsessed than either a regular moonie or a regular anti-moonie. However the Anti-Anti-Anti site is the equivalent to the Anti-Anti Moon sites. Thus we are equal in our obsessiveness. If he really wants to know the reason that I have his link, it's because when I started this site, it's was the only Anti site I knew of and I have never updated my links. This guy is such a hypocrite. He goes on at other sites for not having specific reasons why thy suck and he really doesn't have much for mine. The list of his reasons are as follows:

1. Copied Drew Hamilton's sites - no specific examples

2. "used blinking text on every page" - um... 3 out of 8 ain't all. (1 of which is to annoy a Brockway, another is needed; SMIRC, and the last I really don't care enough about it to change it.)

3. Overuse of cliche reasons for why Sailor Moon is terrible - however 4 of them I have never seen (if you want specific examples, I'm talking about numbers 4, 5, 6 and 8 on the Reasons page) on other sites. And my listing of the 2 dimentional characterstics of the characters have SPECIFIC examples.

4. Text is cluttered and the background is horrible - Has Cgold ever looked at his page?

He gripes at me for "copying" Drew Hamilton's site and then repeats Brockway's page practically verbatim. He even says my blink commands are annoying and that I have them on every page, just like Brockway. Last time I checked 3 out of 8 pages(one being a way to annoy Brockway) is not all. However, I will make a deal with him, if he complies. If Cgold agrees to take his unbased idea that I copy Drew's page of his site, I will take my unbased idea that he copied Brockway.

According to him I also attack Moonies. Excuse me but I go out of my way to NOT attack Moonies! Not even their sites! (except the Anti-Anti-Ones). Basically this guy made up a bunch of lame insults of why my page sucks (no I did not say the dubbing was bad, by the way he removed this from his page >:) ). This dummy basically is close minded and loves any sites that like Sailor Moon and hates the ones that don't.

A.S.A.P (Against Sailo Moon Anti Pages)

This is a pretty decent site. There don't have as much as some other pages but it is growing. Here's their Manifesto (with comments)-

A.S.A.P. stands for "Against Sailormoon Anti Pages". We are not just a webpage, we are a club. If you are sick of those stupid Anti Sailor Moon pages that are made by people who clearly know very little about the show, or are sick of being called:

1: A stupid (censored)(censored)(censored) that (censored) your (censored) and you obviously are (censored)(censored) and you should go (censored)(censored)(censored)

2: A freak with no taste in televison

3: Not normal

4: Anything else that can be considered an insult. because they are a Sailor Moon fan. We at A.S.A.P. believe that these people have no right whatsoever to say such things to people who they have never met. They have no idea what you are really like, but they say on they're pages that they do.Hey, I should join. The above list is exactly what I get called by irate moonies, and strangely enough I have never insulted them in any way.

We also believe that if you are going to waste a webpage by bashing a show, you should at least know what you're talking about. Many pages show that the author is VERY ignorant about the show. You can't watch Sailor Moon just once to understand it. One Anti page said they watched "Almost three whole episodes". Another seems to have only seen one episode, because it's the only one they talk about.Hey, I've seen almost every North American episode. Can't say I don't know enough about the show.

There are three main types of pages that we are commited to doing away with.

1: Pages that are filled with profanity and insults towards Sailor Moon and those who watch it.Don't have that.

2: Pages that are VERY ignorant about Sailor MoonDon't have that.

3: Campaigns against Sailor Moon (ex: ISM, SMIRC)Um, well, two out of three isn't bad.

We are not particularly concerned with pages that are not offensive. Why not? Because everyone has a right to their opinion, whether we like it or not. We draw the line when they way they voice their opinion infringes on the rights of others, as so many Anti Sailor Moon pages do.Good, you won't be too concerned with this page then.

Tuxedo Mask's Hate List

Special thanks for Rhini for giving me his new URL. Yet another site that says stuff like "why would they waste their time making pages that make others angry?" and "All of their facts are merely opinions." Well go to one of the 1 billion sailor moon worship sites and how many "facts" do you find there that aren't opinions? Why are moonie opinions worth more then anti-moonies'? (no I'm not insulting moonies, I'm just defending myself here) Also, who made a site hating the people that hate Sailor Moon? (and yes I DO know I made a site that hates the people that hates the people that hates Sailor Moon *phew*). I'm glad he finally got rid of his VooDoo Knight link. That guy was off the web for almost a year. Strangely enough he forgot to check for Farima because she's gone too! BwaHaHaHa! This guy has gotten really petty. A site that hates ONE CHARACTER is now classified as an Anti-Sailor Moon Site. One of his links goes to a page which has "I don't like Sailor Moon" (or something like that) writen somewhere in it. Is this guy crazed or what?!

YES!! Farima's Anti-Anti-Sailor Moon Page Campaign is gone. Accually it's a bit sad to see you're arch nemisis go (no I'm not being sarcastic). Anyway if you want to learn what it was about before it was taken of the web read on. Basically she has a list of sites and calls for people to waste their time e-mailing lots of letters to them to make them take these sites of the net. She also has a link to a guy named VooDoo Knight who also has an Anti-Anti-Sailor Moon Page. She even puts examples of them. Here's her synopsis of mine:

This guy emailed me with the URL of his page, asking me to see it. He said that he was only making a homepage expressing his views about a popular show, and claimed there was no real difference between what he was doing and what I was doing I'll just make a report of his page to amuse him.

He seems to have the generic notion that all of the female characters are airheads, with the exception of Ami, and that it is retarded that Usagi eats all of this food, whines that she is fat, and doesn't gain a pound. Gee, if I recall, that is the way most teenage girls are. Either he hasn't been around enough girls lately, or he is just making fun of the teenage female population. He thinks that Minako has no personality at all. (Minako fans: E-mail bomb him!) I am not amused by his use of a starry background (copycat) and that he also uses blinking text (boring!) If you want to see something idiotic, check his 2 episodes in his episode guide. Oooh!

Now let's see how she likes it:

1. Half of the insults she hurls at the Anti-Sailor Moon sites' reasons on why they don't like the show are- It's fiction! or that idea's generic! Hey, they may be generic but most of them are true!

2. Can't she take a joke? I have had several Moonies say that Anti-Sailor Moon sites are funny, why does she care so much about what others think?

3. Isn't it a bit juvenile to ask people to hound someone over their beliefs? Isn't that what free speech is all about?

4. Considering her troop has two members, I hope the page hasn't been open long!

5. Did she say that all teen age girls eat lots of food then complain that they eat too much or is that just me? Many of my female friends resented this comment (as I would expect them to!)

I don't like sites that are all expletives either, but who appointed her as the Net Nanny? By the way I am STILL waiting for someone to tell me what Mina(Minako)'s personality is! What is it?!! Help me!!!

Here's the newest addition concerning my page. I will now comment on her comments directly:
He seems to have the generic notion that all of the female CHARACTERS (not all females in general) are airheads, with the exception of Ami. If the owner of the site is reading this, and does not know what the hell I am talking about, Here's your quote: There are 4 other sailor scouts; Ami, Lita, Rei and Mina. Except for Ami, they don't seem to have 17 brain cells between them. (I knew what you were talking about!!) He also thinks that Usagi is a loser for obsessing about her weight so much. Earlier I said that almost all girls obsess about their weight, and that his hatred of this feeling is a blow against all females. Then he emailed me accusing me of bashing girls. Well, mister, here's something- I AM A GIRL! (yes, I'm quite aware of that)I see 99% of my friends go on bringing sprees and diet sprees all the time, and they whine about their weight too. (I don;t lnow a single person that does that. I still think she's insulting an entire gender.)I personally do not see the problem that Usagi is doing that too. Oh, BTW, it is kind of a big taboo to use the dub names if you also mix info about the origionals as well. (what?) He has a voting contest for the character with the most annoying voice- In the dub or the origional????? (does it matter?) Also, his little Anti-Anti-Anti Sailor Moon page (to counter this one) is very cute (sarcastic). Again he mistakes me with a guy. (well, her little comment about girls and their eating and complaining gave me the impression that she was a guy. Sorry, if I'm not psychic) He also attempts to make me look bad about the fact that the problem with hate pages are that the writers cannot understand the difference between fiction and reality. (What's her point?)Oh, and about the thing with him not knowing what Minako's personality is, well, I have had a nice time finding all of the Minako shrine owners, and well, we'll see if they cooperate in educating him >:)(I agree. Lectures on Sailor Moon is a fate worse than death.) The stary background is origional too, hint-hint (That is a joke for those who can't figure it out!) As for the evil remark on me acting like Net Nanny, he should have checked outr the purpose of my page first.(I did. Basically it was two paragraphs saying that from some moonies point of view, that anit-Sailor Moon sites are part of the 21% of Moon sites that suck. Well duh! Is a moonie gonna say that "Wow, this site hates what I like! Gee it's my favorite site!" That is a pretty stupid comment. I also saw nothing to make me take back my Net Nanny quote.)

There is yet another synopsis of my site on her page. Excuse me if I don't print this one. I'm through defending myself. Time to launch onto the offensive! Here's the latest responce! Go to here site if you don't have a clue about what I'm talking about.

Oh-no! I'm using the dub names and also using the amine and manga information! Gasp! What a horrible crime! I'm a social leper now. There are few crimes more despicable than mixing the names. She is also one of those freaks who is scared on the government. I can hear it now, "Mr. President! There's another Anti-Sailor Moon site on the Internet!" "My gosh! Red alert! Call Congress! We must all band together to destroy this evil corruptor of minds!" Whatever. I think Uncle Sam could care less about a stupid cartoon that was on at 5:30 am! Oh, by the way, I don't need to take advise from someone whose site takes a good 20 minutes to load. So, you want more pictures do you? Well here ya go!

Voo Doo Knight's Anti-Anti Sailor Moon Page

GOOD RIDDANCE!! This pathetic site is gone! This was by far the worst of the Anti-Anti-Sailor Moon sites. It was kinda like the Anti-Anti version of Kickle's Anti-Moon Page (which is pretty sad). All he has had was link to Chris McDougal's site and a long tirade about how every one should e-mail bomb Anti-Sailor Moon sites. He is also a hypocrite. He condones bad language and expletives in other's sites but he cusses out McDougal in an e-mail letter!

If anyone finds another Anti-Anti-Sailor Moon site, please e-mail me it's address.

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