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This is the organization for people who are sick of Sailor Moon. Not just one character but the whole stinking show! Several e-mails I have received state siblings or friends who dress up like the Sailor Scouts. Regularly this would not be so bad. However they are guys! Other people see Serena as a personal hero. This is sick, sick, sick in the head! I don't mind people that like the show, everyone has their own opinion. But when people idolize the characters, now that's scary. These sort of people form Acronyms like C.U.T.E (Chibi Usa is Terrific Everyone) and other stupid campaigns to help characters in Sailor Moon they feel are being slandered. It's pretty sad. Anyone who would like to join S.M.I.R.C e-mail me saying:

I Wanna Join S.M.I.R.C!

It's that easy. I'll print the Members
. Please include the name you want printed and a quote (only if you want one). Also if you want your e-mail address printed, say so. Otherwise it will not be. Please, no profanity! I Want You!

Our Mission Statement
We know that we can't really make an inpact on Sailor Moon but we like to believe we can!

I'm now implementing a newsletter. It will be issued whenever I have the motavation to write one. Please submit stuff you'd like others to see!

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There will be more up here soon. If there is something you'd like me to print (Anti-Sailor Moon only) e-mail it and I will post it. Again no profanity or going to the extreme.
If you already have an Anti-Sailor Moon page or just want to show you hate the show put this image and a link to this page on your site. Together we will march towards a new world!!

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