I could eat balls for hours

Name: Various

Era: Second Moonie War, aka Moon War II (1996-2000)

Affiliation: Various Independent Sites


During the golden age of the commercially available internet, the term "meme" wasn't yet used to describe the creative trends that were tapped into and expanded upon by users. But even though no one knew what to call them, internet memes existed long before Steamed Hams, Insanity Wolf and Doge, Longcat and Cockmongler, and even All Your Base Are Belong to Us. The act of MST3K-ing fanfiction, pitting celebrities and fictional characters against each other ala MTV's Celebrity Death Match, or placing Mr. T in movies and situations where he didn't belong are all arguably examples of primitive internet memes. Now that we're on the subject, Anti sites could probably be considered primitive examples of meme culture as well--but I digress. We're not here to talk about any of those.

We're here to talk about eating balls.

For a stretch of about three to five years, various "[Fill-In-The-Blank] Ate My Balls" pages depicting celebrities, politicians, and fictional characters with ravenous appetites for gonads appeared randomly in every corner of the internet. Here are some of the basics:

Today, "Ate My Balls" has largely gone the way of all old memes: Death. Or, at least, into a nursing home to be forgotten by everyone.

Except for here.


"Ate My Balls" Examples

Mr. T Ate My Balls - The page that started it all

Chewbacca Ate My Balls - The sequel to Mr. T Ate My Balls

Sailor Moon Ate My Balls - Dot Com - From JustusJ's anti sailor moon page: "It features all the sailor scouts being stupid. A muust visit for all anti sailors." Sadly, unretrievable.

Boo's Sailor Moon Ate My Balls

Sailor Moon Ate My Balls - What remains of the original page

Boo Corner - The main page for the sake of context

Chegreth's Sailor Moon Ate My Balls

Sailor Moon Ate My Balls - Missing most images but with text intact

Chegreth's Lair - The main page for the sake of context

Yet a Nother Sailor Moon Ate My Balls

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