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This website is dedicated to telling the story of an online movement that, though it lasted for more than a decade and counted over 100 websites among its number, remains obscure among internet historians. That movement is Anti-Sailor Moon.

From the fandom surrounding a violent Japanese porn cartoon (also called an anime, but pronounced by snooty people as ah-nee-may) grew a tight-knit opposition movement that counted among its number some impressive and/or influential people, both past and present. Though it never reached the pique numbers of the Sailor Moon fandom, Anti-Sailor Moon (or ASM for short) boasted over one hundred websites over the course of the movement--an impressive and surprising figure, especially considering that other anti-fandoms (such as anti-Hanson or anti-Titanic) did not achieve nearly so much traction.

Nor did other anti-fandoms garner nearly as much vitriol. In its opposition to ASM, the Sailor Moon fandom (also called "Moonies") frequently targeted, threatened, flamed, trolled, and in some cases hacked ASM websites--leading to a conflict that, though relegated to its own corner of the web and resulting in nothing more than a blip on the timeline of internet history, was as bitter as they come.

This site, then, is meant to be a chronicle of both the Anti-Sailor Moon movement and a record of the online wars (yes, there's more than one) between the ASMers and the Moonies. The ISM Archivists on staff will attempt to tell this story using websites, message board posts, guestbook records, bulletin board threads, and other assorted artifacts. For now, please enjoy the archived classic ASM web pages below as a preview of sorts.



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