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The Fighting Digimons(In Order of Power)

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Botamon, Slimy Digimon This is a digital monster who was just born. The surface of its body is slimy and covered with black baby hair. It cannot fight since it is just a baby, but it scares off its opponents by emitting bubble-like substances from its mouth.
Betamon, Frog DigiMon This is a four footed amphibian DigiMon. He is gentle and quiet DigiMon, but he can attack opponents by emitting more than 1 million volts of electric current if provoked.
Tyranomon, Dino Digimon He is a dinosaur-like monster similar to a prehistoric dinosaur. His two arms are quite developed and he can swing his giant tail to knock down anything. He is intelligent and gentle, so it is easy to control him.
Greymon, Great Digimon This is a dinosaur type DigiMon whose skin on his head became hardened and covered with a beetle-like shell. He has sharp claws and giant antlers making his whole body a weapon. He is a fierce and very aggressive monster. But he is very intelligent and if you can control him, he is the most powerful amon the champions. He shoots out flame bombs to burn everything in sight.
Metal Greymon, Cyborg Digimon This is a cyber-type DigiMon. More than half of his body is mechanized. He has been through many battles and extends his life by mechanizing his body. In order to evolve to a Metal Greymon, DigiMon has to battle its way against strong opponents. His attack power is said to equal one shot of a nuclear bomb. He shoots a missile from a hatch located on his chest.
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