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A page about what I want. Not that kid that sat in front of you in High School wants.

Yo. King of Mars here. As you can see, I got some new junk. Not very special, but I don't care. If you're visiting here from my Index, don't reload the page! It'll send you back to my index! Anyways, this is it for now... Enjoy!

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Now, the text... Aw, quit your whining! It's not that bad!

Frogs Frogs are amphibians. They can live underwater and on land...Wha!? Shaddup! I made a deal with the Teachers' Union to teach them while they were on vacation!...You know this already. Well, did you know that toads are also frogs? And that there are 100's of different frogs? Didn't think so... Well, that's it for frogs today. Until I get my pictures back from Motofoto, I mean. Good bye!

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