Like father, like son

Name: Z-R0E; Deacon "Jake" Hildahl, Jr.; Absolute Z-R0E; Total Z-R0E

Era: Second Moonie War, aka Moon War II (1996-2000); The Great Purge (2001-2004)

Affiliation: ASM Mercenary


What we know of the man called Z-R0E comes from the historical record of his now-defunct websites and the recollections of one Ethan Michael Crane, proprietor of the Anti Sailor Moon Defense Alliance (ASMDA):

While Z-R0E exited the war in 2003 and faded away into obscurity around 2010, legend has it that he eventually married his lover, a transgender lady who once went by the handle "Iron Mouse." Wherever he truly is now, one thing is for certain: He would have made his beloved father Deacon proud. But I digress.

We have a fairly significant record of Z-R0E's exploits in the ASM community between the summer of 1999 and winter of 2003. As mentioned above, Z-R0E possessed one website that went through a series of transformations over the course of its lifetime. While this site could not be considered Anti-Sailor Moon in theme by any means, at least two iterations contained a section for ASM artwork and gif-animations. Screen captures of those pages as well as are provided below.

In addition to acting as a bit of a (pictoral) weapons supplier to the ASMDA while he was active, Z-R0E participated in a handful of raids on message board Sailor Moon RPGs, and was responsible for single-handedly ending a few of them by virtue of posting shockingly violent entries. At least one example of such a post is provided below. We've also included Z-W0RLD, a fan shrine created in 2001 by Ethan Michael Crane to tell the story of Z-R0E the RPG character as written by Z-R0E the man.

Beyond that, Z-R0E heroically took it upon himself to retaliate against Lion Jeter when Jeter hacked into Pizza of Hut's Anti-Shrine and deleted it by doing the exact same thing to Jeter. Interestingly enough, Z-R0E claimed that he didn't technically hack Jeter's site at all, but rather cracked Jeter's poorly chosen password after surfing his new site for about fifteen minutes. The message left to Jeter as a warning is likewise presented below. Finally, we have an attempt by Z-R0E to publicly shame someone who crossed him. That last one comes with a trigger warning, by the way--not an endorsement. I don't make the pages, I just archive them.


Screen Capture of Z-R0E'z Domain "Antiz" Section v.1

Screen Capture of Z-R0E'z Domain "Antiz" Section v.2

Z-R0E's ASM Animations and Images Gallery

Z-R0E's Moon Princess RPG Post and Aftermath

Z-W0RLD: A Look at Z-R0E the RPG Character

Z-R0E's Message to Lion Jeter

Project FAG: A Public Shaming

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