Deceased Characters in the Z-R0E RPG Universe


This Reploid is even more of a mystery than X. No one knows who built him or why (well, okay, so it's obvious that some characters in the series know--namely Sigma--but so far they ain't talkin'). After being destroyed and rebuilt, Zero fought with X full time. Though Sigma's words about Zero's shadowy past were disturbing, Zero remained loyal, until after the Reploid/Maverick War seemed to be over. This is when he revealed to X that he had been the Maverick leader all along, and that Sigma was simply an underling. X of course gets mad. A war breaks out between the Repliforce and the Mavericks. While Z-R0E is off on a moon of Aurora, training with Vile, Zero's stronghold is attacked by a full scale invasion. Zero goes out to take X on 1vs1 in the middle of the battlefield. The fight between them lasted for hours, and by now over 1/2 the soldiers from both armies were dead. Zero was wining, but then Z-R0E walked onto the scene, having justed landed back home. Some Repliforce went to attack him, but Zero killed them before they reached Z-R0E. As Zero fought to save his son, X blasted and killed Zero.

Mega Man X

Commonly called simply "X", this robot comes to fill the shoes of Mega Man in his time. X was built by Dr. Light for reasons unknown. He possessed a free will and the capability to make decisions, something no ordinary robot before him had possessed. This was what caused Dr. Light to seal him in a capsule, and what allowed future repliroids built by X's design to go Maverick. After learning of Zero's deception, X lost it. After a long battle with Zero's Maverick army, he kills Zero. Shortly after, Z-R0E is put in charge of the Maverick Army. Z-R0E later attacked X's fort by himself, killing 80+ guards. When he saw X, he had a flashback of X killing his father. When Z-R0E came to his hands were dripping blood, X's body was 3 feet away from him, and X's head was detached and under Z-R0E's foot, smashed. That night haunts Z-R0E to this day because he is not sure exactly what he did to X.


Instead of Dr. Wily out and about to cause trouble, the X series has Sigma. Sigma is one of the Reploids Dr. Cain built from information gleamed from X himself. After going Maverick, Sigma has apparently determined that the human race is inferior to Reploids and must either be enslaved or killed. After Zero revealed that he was in fact the leader of the Mavericks, Sigma remained as a high ranking Maverick, fighting against the Repliforce and X's forces and even raising and training Z-R0E. He was killed with the other Reploids when Aurora exploded.


A reclusive Reploid that probably through no mistake looks like Boba Fett from Star Wars. He was apparently built by Dr. Cain, though this fact has not been confirmed. Vile battled X and Zero on several occasions until it was revealed that Zero was the leader of the Mavericks. Vile remained as a high ranking Maverick, and he was mostly in charge of raising and training Z-R0E. He decided to stay on Aurora to launch the ships that would make it possible for Z-R0E and X-Idus to survive.

Bit and Byte

Bit combines with Byte to form a giant conglomonation war machine. After Zero revealed that he was the leader of the Mavericks, Bit and Byte still kept their positions in the Maverick army, whatever they actually were in the first place...they helped to raise Z-R0E until they were killed at the battle where X took Zero's life.


The sister of Colonel who tries everything she can to stop the war between the Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters. She takes a certain liking to Zero, and therefore has his son, Z-R0E. She dies trying to save Zero from X shortly after the truth is revealed.


During the original fight with X, Z-R0E remembered getting extremely angered at the memory of X killing Zero. The next thing Z-R0E remembered is that his hand were dripping blood, and X's head was under his foot. Time passed, Rebirth came. Rebirth kept saying show me him, wanting revenge on the form of Z-R0E that had almost killed him. Then, when Z-R0E found out Rebirth was X, Z-R0E basically flipped out, and went to his 2nd form. He easily crushed Rebirth in this form, but it also left Z-R0E really messed up.

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