If you know anything about Mega Man, then you probably already know that much of this stuff is taken from the Mega Man X timeline. So, here's Z-R0E's original FAQ that should explain everything.

Since I'm completely SICK of describing how my armor works, and my relations to the real MMX storyline, heres a few responces to the damn FAQ's I here.

Q: Hey Zero, weren't you sad when Iris died?
A: Fuck you and die. I'm not Zero, I'm his son. Iris was my mom. My dad was my idol, but I never really knew Iris.

Q: I thought Iris died in MMX4, so how is she your mom?
A: Sigma has come back 3 times, Wily countless, Zero 2-3 times(depends what you do in X3), timesand Protoman a few times. So, why can't Iris?

Q: Why do you look so much like Zero then if your not him?
A: Like I said, I'm his son, I inherited his armor.

Q: How can you be his son if Zero is a robot?
Ok, now this is where shit gets deep. This is my MMX Universe. Everything has happened that happened in the real MMX Universe, and more. The first, and main, difference is that Reploids are not robots. Here, Reploids were origianally made by man, but with the ability to reproduce. Their armor is also not connected to them.

Q: Huh? How?
A: Reploids have a mental bond with what is believed to be a subspace pocket. They can use this bound to call on armor from sthe pocket, or where ever it is, much like Sho can in the anime series Guyver. Since the armors making a dimensional jump, it creates a small explosion around the caller. Having their armor doesn't drain or tire a Reploid anymore than a human's heart beating does.
The armor is living metal. No, like like the T-1000 from Terminator. When I say alive, I don't mean it can move and such, it grows. It has a seperate set of genes. A child's armor is the combonation of his parents armor's genes.

Q: If your armor connected to you mentally, how can you be always changing the connections and adding stuff to it?
A: In my Universe, Reploids learned how that if they changed there armor around, then put it back into subspace, it won't change. It makes since. Think of it like this, if you take a gun from a locker and add a silencer, put it back in the locker, come back a few hours, it'll still be on, right? Same type of thing.

Q: Using your locker description, then couldn't some one else go into the locker and take it?
A: Each persons genetic makeup is different, and so is every Reploids. The "subspace pockets" are each attuned to that particular Reploids genes. So, using the locker comparrison again, consider it a padlock.

Q: What happened to all the other MM/MMX charecters?
A: Well, after MMX4, Zero reveals to X that he is the leader, and always has been, of the Maverick(special note: Since in my universe Reploids aren't robots, they can't malfuncion. So, here a Maverick is some one who fights for Reploid dominance becuase they belive that Reploids are the superior race). Zero explains to X that all along Sigma has been nothing more than a lackey of Zero, and that X fell for it. X of course gets mad. A war breaks out between the Repliforce and the Mavericks. While Z-R0E is off on a moon of Aurora, training with Vile, Zero's stronghold is attacked by a full scale invasion. Zero goes out to take X on 1vs1 in the middle of the battlefield. The fight between them lasted for hours, and by now over 1/2 the soldiers from both armies were dead. Zero was wining, but then Z-R0E walked onto the scene, having justed landed back home. Some Repliforce went to attack him, but Zero killed them before they reached Z-R0E. As Zero fought to save his son, X blasted and killed Zero. X then ordered a retreat, thinking the war was won.
X was wrong though. Z-R0E now assumed role as leader of the Mavericks. Though he was only 17 at the time, all Mavericks would agree that he was as good, if not a better leader than his father. Z-R0E knew his father died saving him, and his mother had died saving Zero. Z-R0E then decided that emotions were pointless and caused nothing but death, either mentally or physically. From that day on, Z-R0E never cared about anyone.
Z-R0E later attacked X's fort by himself, killing 80+ guards. When he saw X, he had a flashback of X killing his father. Wehn Z-R0E came to his hands were dripping blood, X's body was 3 feet away from him, and X's head was detached and under Z-R0E's foot, smashed. That night haunts Z-R0E to this day because he is not sure exactly what he did to X.
The Mavericks pushed on harder to overthrow the Repliforce, since they were the Mavericks first roadblock in their plan for inter-galaxy domination. Repliforce knew their end was sealed and decided to blow the planet up, thinking it was the only way to stop the Mavericks from their plan. Their plan was to be executed on October 10, but before they could do it, on September 30, the planet exploded. Z-R0E and X-Idus were the only two to survive.

Q: Well, long answer, but who's X-Idus and where's Aurora?
A: After Reploids started breeding, and the Mavericks startd coming about, humans feared for their excistance. They thought that all Reploids thought as Mavericks did. So, through a bloody war, the humans exiled the Reploids to a barren planet called Aurora. It took some years, but the Reploids eventually set up colonies and began to live there. The Mavericks wanted to go back to Earth and gain revenge and conquer to humans. The other Reploids, the Repliforce, spent all their time trying to save the humans by stopping the Mavericks from leaving Aurora. So, no Reploid has ever made it off Aurora, until it blew up, then only Z-R0E and X-Idus escaped.
X-Idus is a charecter in my story I made awhile ago. In AE he's played by my friend who's grounded from his comp all summer. X-Idus and Z-R0E grew up together, and now X-Idus is's Z's left hand man. Vile was basically Z's right hand man and the three of them became best friends, but someone had to stay behind to launch the ships off, so Vile told them to go.

Q: Whats an official charecter, and are there anyothers?
A: An official charecter are people that are either in my story, or I have seen that follow the guidelines(like X is dead, Reploids aren't robots, etc). If they aren't already in my story, I plan to add them later. You must have an original spirte of your charecter(not just a repaint either). You must have some background for your charecter also. Also, if you want your charecter in my world, you gotta be open to change. Once they enter here, they are mine to play with. You have say of what goes with your charecter, buit ultimately, I decide what happens. A list of all official charecters is on the Character page.

Q: What the hell was that 2nd form stuff during the Rebirth fight(took place in AE )?
A: During the original fight with X, Z-R0E rembered getting extremely angered at the memory of X killing Zero. The next thing Z-R0E rembered is that his hand were dripping blood, and X's head was under his foot. Time passed, Rebirth came. Rebirth kept saying show me him, wanting revenge on the form of Z-R0E that had almost killed him. Then, when Z-R0E found out Rebirth was X, Z-R0E basically flipped out, and went to his 2nd form. He easily crushed Rebirth in this form, but it also left Z-R0E really messed up. Instead of his 2nd form coming from a sub-space pocket like his normal armor does, it is his normal armor moving and growing. And since his armor is attached to him, it hurts Z-R0E like crazy(imagine if you just grew an extra 10 or so feet in about 1 minute, you'd hurt like crazy)

Q: In your universe, what's a Maverick?
A: I ALREADY ANSWERED THIS! *sigh* A Maverick is a Reploid who believes that Reploids are the better species, and that humans and all other lower lifeforms should be their slaves.

Q: What's your exact definition of a Make-Shift?
A: After all the original Reploid-Making factories were closed, Zero made sure to destroy them on his path of domination. The humans needed something to battle against the Mavericks, so they tried to recreate them like they were originaly. But, with Dr. Cain now being long dead, no one knew how. So, humans took other humans and gave them all the armor and wepaons and other tpye things the Reploids could do. The only differences were that Make-Shifts armor couldn't come off, they couldn't reproduce, and they were made from other humans.To put it more bluntly, Make-Shifts are humans with cybernetic parts.

A few quick things about Z-R0E
Z-R0E eyes are normally a birght, almost glowing shade of red. The madder he get, the darker red his eyes get, as does his crystal. He hates cute things, being mistaken for Zero, and his name being spelt with a o instead of a 0.

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