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Name: In the Distance: A Sailor Moon RPG

Era: Second Moonie War, aka Moon War II (1996-2000); The Great Winding-Down, aka The Great Whining (2001-2004)



It is the end of the Crystal Millenium, and Neo Queen Serenity with Neo King Endymion has conquered a great number of feats that had originally been thought to be impossible.

During his rule, Neo King Endymion has managed to convince the countries of Earth to unify as one, and making Crystal Tokyo the capitol of Earth indefinitely. He has also started many crime prevention programs that have made crime rates across the globe drop by 75%. The Neo King created a space travel program earlier on in his rule, which now transports ambassadors through out the universe. Most of the scientific advancements have been sponsored by him.

Neo Queen Serenity has successfully rejeuvenated the planets of the Sol System, and all the planets along with their moons are currently able to support life. Colonies have been created throughout the solar system, and the Inner and Outer Senshi have been handed the responsibility of governing their respective planets. Serenity's work during the Crystal Millenium has centered around humanitarian projects and connecting Crystal Tokyo to other kingdoms in the universe. She has been fighting poverty and hunger since she emerged as queen, and has set up many worth while programs that have helped millions of people. She has been named the "Meatball Headed Savior of Children" by many of the kids she has helped in Africa, and lives up to that name the best that she can.

Small Lady, who is not so small anymore, has grown into a beautiful young maiden and has attracted many suitors. She and the Amazoness Quartet have been trained by the Inner Senshi, and are now full fledged Sailor Senshi. Princess Serenity is currently being taught in the diplomatic processes of being a queen, and learning about all of the different colonies, countries, religions, races, and cultures in the Sol System and allied kingdoms.

.:Where the Story Begins:.

After a diplomatic dinner hosting ambassadors from a new kingdom, Sailor Mars falls seriously ill and is taken to the Crystal Palace hospital. After being examined by every doctor and medic working there, including Sailor Mercury, her sickness is determined to be unknown.

As Sailor Mercury scrambles for a cure, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Venus come into the hospital with a similar type of illness and are quarantined. After a few days, all of the Senshi with the exception of Sailor Pluto are hospitalized and struggling to live.

Scientists, doctors and religious figure heads around the world pour in their efforts, and the Neo Queen even tries to use the Ginzuishou to heal them. Unfortunately nothing seems to have any effect to help the very sick senshi.

The Royal Family is now spending more time in the palace than ever, and the Neo Queen broadcasts words of hope throughout the world despite the circumstances. Just when nothing could seem worse, the unimaginable happens. The Neo Queen and King begin to have the same exact symptoms, and are seperated from their daughter in fear that the Princess will catch the sickness.

Meanwhile dark forces begin to sneak in to the beautiful planet of Earth, establishing themselves in different parts of soceity.

Most have come from different planets with hopes of taking advantage of the Royal Family's weakness, but one has faced the Senshi of Earth before. One who almost succeeded once in killing the light inorder to cover the universe with death, and who has come back to take revenge on the one who divided her power.


Will the senshi be able to fight of their new enemies and the old? What is the sickness that is tearing through their ranks? Will our heroes live to save the universe as we know it once again? You decide....


"Even Jesus Christ couldn't get into this RPG. That's not an exaggeration; we submitted his character sheet." - Ethan Michael Crane

During the Second Moonie War, it wasn't uncommon for ASMers to join Sailor Moon RPGs in order to drive them into the ground.

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