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For all you Anime Junkies: This page goes against Sailor Moon.  It has nothing to do with any other versions of it, and I don't want everyone telling me to look at the un dubbed version because I won't.  In fact, i'm not even naming the Japanese version!  Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is the Japanese version's name, so shutup about it.


From: Michael Bilica <BILICA@prodigy.net>

Subject: FWD: ASAP Campaign

Here's the message about our "secret" campaign. Those loser SM fans actully thought I was on their side. Gay (CENSORED)s. ISM FOREVER!!!


<<< Hi everyone! This is the promised message about our campaign. Now that I'm back from a crazy weekend at a SADD(Students Against Drinking and Driving) conference in Calgary, Alberta, I can send this out. You didn't really need to hear about my conference, but oh well, tough cookies for you. So here's the deal:

We have a small group of people who can plan most of this out. We have one leader, I think we already have this person picked out. If some people don't directly want to participate in the actual thing, but still want to be involved, we can have more people as the leaders as the "spies" give information to them. Then they'll discuss it and report it to me so I can put it on the page or in the newsletter(and there will be one) or something.

The other people will be sort of spies. They will go to Anti-Sailor Moon pages, and pretend to be on their side for a while. This way if they have any "plans" for us Sailor Moon fans, we will find out about it. At the least our spies can ask what they think of ASAP and we will know what they say about us.

This campaign will probably be anounced to the other members through the email only newsletter. I'd like to thank the person who gave me this idea: THANK YOU!!!!!

Anyway, if you are interested in helping in any way, email me at goldensenshi@geocities.com and tell me. Thanks for listening to my long boring email eveyone, I'm outie!

~Empress Galaxia, President~

P.S. SADD RULES!!! There, free adveretising. >>>

Sailor Moon and the ASAP suck.  Seeya l8ter Kyle!!

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Hey all you anti anti Sailor Moon PPL I have a link you would be interested in:http://www.concentric.net/~cdgold/010.html At least some Anti Anti Sailor Moon fans use the brains they were born with.

YOUR OPINIONS WORK! People have recently said that my page is un-organized. See, thats why I used to have a guestbook. Now I will work on making my page easier to use, starting with nice little tables, and a new background. Nice huh?

I think Luke from the ISM says it perfectly:
This Moonie Just Emailed me correcting my spelling and grammar, I mean that's pathetic. They cant find any other weakness so they resort to being our personal "spell checkers." Were contradicting them while they're pointing out our spelling errors, what kind of cheap @$$holes are these people! Check your spelling in amendment, immature, and stifle dork.

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    I deleted the guestbook because knowone was following the rules and all the people that did sign it were using it for Anti Anti Sailor Moon attack stuff. If you don't like it thats too fricking bad, I don't care.

Moonies are the dumbest form of humans on the planet.  None of them listened to me, and mailed me anyway with their l00zer comments, so now I have taken out my email address, sorry, it's not my fault.  It's the moonies, as usual.


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