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This web site is devoted to the absolute destruction of the BIGGEST PIECE OF JAPAN TRAILER PARK TRASH cartoon show called Sailor Moon. If you have any questions about my motives, please email me. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Now that you know I hate Sailor Moon, heres a list of what I do like. I enjoy watching GOOD animes (although I dont find many of them in Michingan), playing Nintendo, playing my computer, writing stories about odd things (killing SM, among other things) and arguing wiht my freids at lunch about why 123 is the best # ever (wink, frank!) Also, there is one kid named Matt C. He is gay, and looooooves Sailor Moon. If ya want he email address, mail me for it.
Why SM Sucks
Why do you think? Basiclally, you have a really sucky idea that somebody thought of when they got high on something, a bad excuse of so-called animation, and just the worst product of insane people drawing on a pizza box. Also, it has already been outdated by good animes, like DBZ and Pokemon. Just a little background 411. SO GO KILL THOSE MOON BITCH'S! KILL! KILL! KILL!
Favorite Links
A decent site maintained by Nintendo. Try It

Pokemon Fun
A weird site, but really cool.

Brocks Pokemon Gym
Another cool site with downloads

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