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Hanson brothers, Corny or not Corny?

Arn't they cute though?
Written by Spoilt Candy's Victoria

Hanson's are Corney....not!

             Isaac, Zac and Taylor!!!!!!! Are cute!!!...Not the normal
    H O T T hot for me, but cute enough to steal a four year olds heart.
    Okay i admit, Taylor is fine...there Hanson fans...HAPPY?!!!
             First of all there have been many, and i do mean MANY anti 
    Hanson pages, you fans out there of Hanson go see them, they are 
    really funny. Just be sure you're not the obsessed fan , you know the
    kinds that want to have Taylor and Isaac's kids, and even Zac for the
             Their music, like any other pop music star,{ well there's a 
    certain point and border here that we won't cross} is very sweet, like
    their song MMMBob,yes i still do not know what that is, hey! what's
    doolio then? and dang?and ..and...any other rap slang those guys, nice
    and fun! make up? Back to the Hanson brothers, their music, you have
    to admit, fine don't admit if you don't want to , but REALITY CHECK
    BABIE! they have a great beat to their music..nananana....loser..and
    the others who agreed with me on that...give me a cyber high five!yeah
    still losers....hehahahah....anyway their fun lyrics, that are ever
    true to the bone and! their rythem's great.         
              Now we start to argue, if Mariah or Boys II Men wrote that
    song MMMBob,and sang it, but named it Secret Flower or whatever, more
    ADULTS and teens would listen to that song right?YES THAT'S RIGHT!
              Anyway, i do not see why they have to be dissed! just 
    because they are of a young age, first of all like that Jerimiquia guy
    said, "they have talent, personality and can play, that's all that 
    counts, their great!". So there....kay those arn't the exact words,but
    very and i do mean very similar.       
              Just because their young does not mean they do not know of
    love...they have family and imagination...hehhe...okay ..anyway their 
    good and yes they have some bad sides....i'll tell you about that.....
    way later....

Hanson....Corny or not Corny?

Cast your votes here, just leave your name, yada, yada, yada, the usual and in the message area type CORNY or NOT CORNY and state why....

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The Siblings

Taylor: Zac, Stop IT!
Zac: Zac, Stop IT!
Isaac: He...he..he...ummm you all out there, don't pay attention to them alright?
Taylor: I'm warning you Zac, I'll beat your balls off!
Zac: Wouldn't want that now do we?
Taylor: Watch out Zac, I mean it...
Isaac: You guys, there are more then the three of us here you know?
Zac: Hah....stupid Taylor...lost his virginity yet? No....
Taylor: You're adopted!
Zac: So are you...!
By the way, this hasn't a plot you know...only the fact that, no matter how close you are you still FIGHT and DO NOT live in a perfect world....actually when you're as close as they say they are...you fight alot!

Now don't they look...normal?Except for Zac, he always seems so hyper, but hey! you have to give him credit for that. You see he's a happy person, and i'm not joking here now, he's a born happy kid and i really hope he stays that way, no matter how bad Show Biz treats him... Stay kewl little kid, and don't eat that much caffine, its not the sugar its the coffee....

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