Spoilt Candy

   Issac:Oh...I am God, Yes I am. I can touch this bubble^ and it will 
   not brust^. Qui, Qui, Je suis une GOD...MUAHAHAHAHA...ahem..Yes I AM..
   Taylor:OH...you come here...I want you...yes I am a sex craving 
   maniac..but I still want you...
Hanson, Corny or not Corny?

           Well since that poll on Hanson came out, there have been many,
   many weird people writing in. Not that their freaks or midgets, or 
   even maniacs who think that Hanson's great in every area of their 
   music industry....but just plain weird.

Hanson Corny or not Corny, the truth from the NON FANS

From the Guys

   Corny, their gay      
   With all due respect HOmiE, how do you know if their gay or not,
   unless you've slept with them?

[Tommy] HANSON: Corny. And girly. BTW, the link to this page ends in .thml ... it don't go nowhere. Hmm......girly i agree with, perhaps corny too....okay okay my page "did" end in .thml....but how did you find it?did you WANT to find it?

From the Girls

[Kellie] The hanson's are corny. They are girls, And sing like them too. They suck! Yes....let out all your mixed feelings, yes breath in and then shout it out, yes that's good.....shessh.. Well i agree with you that their girly and all, but i don't think that they sing like it...yeah they suck too

[Andora] Hanson, Corny, Spice Girls RULE! What?! ....kay then you're part of the weirdo group right there sweetheart....don't like Hanson, but the Spice Girls? Urkk...Yuck! Somethings wrong here Andora, Hanson Corny? yes they are...Spice Girls DEAD?YES! that's better!

[Randy] Hanson sucks, their stupid, immoral, stupid assed bastards who can't sing, listen to Manson!HE RULES!IF NOT YOU DIE!! *Really bored and is starting to tap her foot on the ground*...yeah yeah yeah...whatever...you Satanist or somtin'?

[Misty] Hanson is CORNY! they're gay and have no talent. They wear stupid clothes and look like hippies, like my god, arn't hippies like.. like extinct or like gone? Like my God? you are like so right..like oh my GOd like hippies are like human, and like they are like there were like guys there too and like no Hanson don't like, they don't like....OKAY ALREADY! I can't stand this Bimbo a talkin' so i'll cut it short, HELL NO!Hippies are still in you bitch! and like...hehehe...i'll stop now...you see if Hippies were like, extinct or gone....we wouldn't freaking be here.

   Isaac: WhaT YOU looking at mister?
   Taylor: Yeah...and we're not GAY!
   Zac: You see...i can be calm and collect my thoughts...

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Hanson, Corny or not Corny?
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