Anti Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Fan Identification

(Know who to stay away from)

A level one Sailor moon fan is not too dangerous. One may occasionally watch an episode. It is okay to socialize with a level one fan.

A level two Sailor Moon fan will always try to watch each episode that is on but doesn't go too out of their way if they miss one. A level two fan may get angry when stumbling into an anti SM page. Beware of these fans though they aren't too dangerous.

A level three fan just has to see every episode made. They will tape them or even rent episodes from Blockbuster. One of them will send inappropriate e-mail messages to Anti SM pages. Stay away from them!

On my scale the level four fan is a vital enemy for anti sailor meanest. They will often say phrases like,"By the power of the moon you will be punished." Some will also pretend he or her is a character from the show. (One of my friends is a level four, he is a boy!

Beware of fans and and taunt them. It's fun!!!


Sailor Moon, if you don't know is about a fraidy cat teenager named Serena who somehow got the chance to be a super hero. To tell the truth she really stinks at everything. Yea she is a Super hero but it's pretty lame. And the action is just a bunch of still screens. It may be anime and have some good art but don't watch Sailor Moon.

Billy says.

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