A more sensical translation from the staff of ISM International: K L A N A P A R T H E I D A N T I S A I L O R M O O N This is an intitiative against Sailor Moon! More specifically, this is a page made in opposition to everything that has to do with the atrocity known as Sailor Moon. So, welcome--or unwelcome--to my anti-Sailor Moon page. Here, we will scrutinize and criticize everyone and everything that has to do with this truly monstrous crime against humanity. THE SCENE OF THE CRIME First, only a Czech could write such stupid stories. The series has about 200 episodes and I feel that I can say without the fear of being wrong that 175 to 180 of those are irrelevant and contribute nothing. Ordinary people are attacked by monsters for the nonsensical purpose of stealing their "energy" or "star seeds" or whatever, and when the heroes (generally the most stupid characters in the show) finally arrive, they do so with poses worthy of the Power Rangers and engage in what ends up being the most boring, unrealistic, and predictable fight scenes imaginable. I mean, the whole series is filled with monsters who are built up in such a way that they should be able to destroy the heroes quickly and be home in time for tacos. But this is Sailor Moon, remember, so that outcome isn't likely. Instead, the aforementioned big bad (once again, built up to be twice as intelligent and a lot more powerful than the heroes) are mercilessly pummeled each and every time by these pathetic powder puffs. and I can say without fear of wrong, that 175 or 180 of those not They have no relevance in history, people are just stupid held For further ill stupid to steal their energy or what not, so that when Final arrive even more stupid to beat aburriéndolos as nice With poses worthy of Power Rangers, phrases too puffs and peléandose Among them, just at the time that the beast that is terrorizing Media people could take to go back and swallow some tacos when Are ending their jaladas, or even major, is a situation that any beast Not so beast with at least 2 points coefficient intellectual draw Aniquilarlas to mercilessly. After sobreviene typical scene of battle, Ill first and then the good (for nothing). Evil ova winning, but just At that point something has to happen, as they use their podercillos, ranging From using a sort of haze gélida or something coming from a planet that Even have cociéndose atmosphere and is nearly 200 degrees Celsius, until Raiden invoke the poor to provide them with one of its rays and use it in Against the enemy without suffering burns mortals despite exposure without further Protection as a lightning rod utility to the deadly force of lightning, resembling To a nuclear weapon. If this is not the case, there are still more options equal Of ridiculous. When they fail their powers and are about to succumb to the power Top of the beast, comes a dagger, it a PUÑALÓN, which distracts the enemy Throwing a rose and bad aim so that instead of hitting the mounstruo, Always falls in the distance. Enonces those present turned and see the piece of man That, enfundado in a ridiculous costume and some lenses that only removed in vision Instead of server to conceal his true identity, it might have been clogged Mouth or put a mask of fighter. Oh, and always appearing From a light pole or a roof, with a style that would laugh or mourn the poor Spiderman. Subsequently, the dagger is launched from Heights mayors 4 meters And falls on the ground without suffering any harm, to the bewilderment. So, In half the cases, the aforementioned mounstruo like crazy before Barbarism and goes about him forgetting his first target, which incidentally is Much easier, or the beast in other cases, it loses its power and Defeated by the stupid or the dagger. And in other battles, mounstruo Received the order from his commander (which by the way is even more stupid that Beast to which orders) to withdraw and leave it for another occasión more difficult. And Also over time appear to help some travesties with the same tone. Soon tend to the characters Want to join the KLAN ANTI-APARTHEID SAILOR MOON? If your Answer is yes, filled with the following request and enviámela, and if you Response is not, fill it up or go to hell. ** Yes, I want to join the Klan against Apartheid Sailor Moon **