Hey, you bums, Spy-D here. I started looking for a job after my space ship got trashed

And I found a job as KD's Anti Sailor Moon page announcer! So, bear with me ok?


Sailor Moon

What makes Sailor Moon so great anyways? Knowone really knows!


It could have something to do with the fan base. A bunch of obsessed zombies with a bad taste for television...

we are the moonies resistence is futile...

Almost like a programmed army, they attack organizations like the ISM. AAH!!!


Maybe it's the family values displayed in the show

Heres what your kid thinks: TRY THIS AT HOME


We could ponder this idea for a long time.. but hey, were not complementing Sailor Moon. It sucks!! And if your looking for hard evidence to why, you shouldn't be here!!!!

Neatto Anti Sailor Moon stuph



Heres something new.. Anti Sailor Moon games!!

Shoot SM I made this one. It's a pretty cheesy one, all i basically did was rip a barney picture off and slap Sailor Moon on it. But it works in DOS, so you low enders can use it. 200k
Kill SM I cant find who made this one, but it rocks!!! It's very fun and challenging!! Requires Windows 95 with directx, or windows 98. Give it a try!! 750k

Well, technology is doing it again. From cloning to mystery solving, we've been able to track down some investigators and attempt to find out what Serena and Amy would look like in 15 years, and after careful editing, we came out with a sketch...




Huh Huh Huh


The thoughts from the detective were that Serena would finally start gaining weight from the millions of pounds of food she eats, and Amy's head would be bigger than her body. Although I should point out, Sailor Moon is so pathetically un realisic, this probably won't be the scenario. But at least I got a chance to show you what would happen to them if the editors followed the laws of phisics.


And now, everyone, here's the man you've been waiting for... KD!!


Thank you Thank you!!


here's my new and weird page. As you probably noticed so far, it's no longer a serious page. It's just plain funny! I'm not going any farther than this..I was sick of putting serious information on 2 diffrent pages, that is now reserved for the ISM HQ.

I remember a while back I found a pro-SM page when i was searching for anti Sailor Moon pages, and I found some very funny top 10s, that almost made fun of SM itself! Here, have fun!

10) She's flying around nekkid and there's not a single nipple in sight. What a gyp! (KD's Note: if you think the American version is nude, you should see the Japanese ones!!)
9) Does this mean that Rene will be the new Sailor Moon?
8) You'd think after all those years, her powers would actually improve.
7) Would you guys shut-up?!!! I'm trying to watch.
6) Kill that moon bitch, Galaxcia!!! (OPPS! That's what the Anti-Sailor Moon fan club said.)
5) Hey! I'm translating the Japanese as fast as I can!
4) If you guys don't shut-up, in the name of the moon, I will punish you. (KD's note: Yeah I get a lot of e-mails with moonies telling me this)
3) Have you noticed we're all at least five years over the specified age group.
2) I saw a boob! I saw a boob!
1) Hell, let's watch Magic Knight Rayearth! (KD's note: i'd probably say that too ;))



10) The sailor scout who smoked and drank a lot. (KD's Note: Serena acts like she's drunk, does that count?)
9) Rene and the electric fence.
8) Sailor Uranus comes out for Christmas.
7) Sailor Sex Pot makes the scene.
6) Rae and Serena: The cat fight. (KD's Note: Didn't Serena fight with her cat, and lose?)
5) Grandpa, please don't make me go on Family Feud!
4) Vodka and Sailor Scouts: A Lethal Combination. (KD's Note: there allready messed up enough.. i don't see how anything could make them any more messed up)
3) Mina finds Darrian's mutilated corpse in her back yard.
2) Who shoot Ms. Haruma? (KD's Note: I don't see the relation to this, unless it has something to do with the recent Japanese school teacher attacks i've been hearing about)
1) Couch Fishing!!!! (KD's Note: why not? That's something Serena could do without screwing up!)


Ready for a real (lame) leader?


Here she is during her campaign speech!

My question is..who the **** would want someone as messed up as Sailor Moon running the universe?!?!?! Yeah that's what I though too..


Well, I say let it all out. Here's something I want to just yell out in a childish manner:


The reason I yelled that out is because there are rumors that the Sailor Moon voice actors are visiting anti Sailor Moon pages, and I thought I'd just rub that in their faces..


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