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Hanson, Corny or not Corny?


From the FANS of Hanson

From the Girls

   The Hanson's are NOT corny.  They are really good singers.
   Ooo...how nice..but its to my knowledge that they do sing like ten
   year olds, that haven't matured enough to even pee by themselves

[Kati B] NOT CORNY because they sing great and I like them. So what if you like them?I don't and i know that the majority doesn't, so if you like them and think that their NOT CORNY, well hurrah for you, but you see....WE HATE THEM, KILL KILL DIE DIE DIE!

[Samamntha] There not corny one bit. Do you think there corny? Bye... Bye... Bye....bye..? hmm...you trying to sound all grown up and grand dear missy?hmm..you sound like a over obsessed Hanson luinatic alright YEP, that's what i'm gonna call ya missy, Samantha the LUNATIC! MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHA...oh By The WAY...you can't even spell a simple. .Their...there huh!

Mallory Moore HANSON IS NOT CORNY!!!!!!!! THEY ARE TOTALLY HOT AND VERY TALENTED!!! HANSON IS NOT CORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eewwll... that's so horrid. The Hanson Brothers? Hot? AHHHHHH! If you think that having lazy eyes, horrible, uncontrolable hair, and a really hyper attitude...you then need to see... a doctor..


[Jennifer L]
Hi I do not think that Hanson is CORNY I think that they are the 
   coolest band around I love them so much that I cant even put it into 
   words about how much I love them IM kinda obbessed you could say I 
   know everything about them and every word to every song. 
         Jennifer Loves you dearly but not queerly!!!!!
You love them, you are kinda obessedwith them. You know everything about them. You know every word to their songs. Are you quite mad? Do you not realize that you sound as corny as hell? Just like them? Oh well i guess you don't mind, since you seem to be in love with them,know every word to their songs. Well miss pychotic fan of those dear Hanson brother, i for one, appluad your strong judgement. And don't change that for anyone. Stay the way you are, stick up for your own ideas and thoughts. But do not end any letter with Jennifer Loves you dearly but not queerly!!!!! then you are insane, mad and a pychotic bitch, who's rumoured to be a Lesbien.

Tommy D

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