The guy whos stanging up in the middle, the middle, standing up, is MANSON!And the others on the ground...yes with halo's are the other members of the gang...

Manson does dress times, i have to say this, but he does match the correct rings to his outfits...not that every ring goes with every outfit ya know....

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Honestly he's not that ugly, and whoever said that must 
    have been.....A FOOL! And you must admit that some ...i'm not saying
    ALL, have a good beat to it, and if you'd be opned minded enough to 
    even borrow the c.d from a friend, yes even your unsuspecting friend 
    has it, and take a look at the lyrics, they do not say, GO TO HELL,
    KILL...well actualy it does, but anyway if you want to, you have to
    be opned minded about it, very, and i do mean VERY open minded, if not
    say good bye to good old, i have faite in God thing, because for one
    thing you'll be bad mouthing everything he does,disagree with anything
    he does, because of a BYEST dicision.Oh and not to mention CUSSINg....
    you see....

Anyway, I agree on one thing though, he does put down some pretty horrid things in this c.d, and yes i did indeed blush when i saw the c.d cover of his latest c.d...but you have to admit that his song, The Beautiful people, did mean something, trust me go listen to it and ignore all the crap about Satan, then you'll understand what i Oh and the beat, rymth is all there and yes it actually sounds good..

Now about this thing about kids killing their parents and killing themselves....suicide, lets make one thing very straight..... People are not hypnotised by music only, hey don't even put music video's in this conversation i got going. First of all, the kid's life has to already be hell if he wants to kill himself or his parents that badly. And when you're in a broken home, or just had another fight with your dad, or your family is being very, and i do mean very iritating, the first thing on anyone's mind, whether they listen to Manson or Hanson, is kill,kill, kill or die, die, die. So with that in mind, the kid is very stressed right?Yup, very, and well if a kid is stressed out and fantasies..sometimes, for a tiny moment of killing himself or others, he'd go out and get the Mason c.d. Heloo?!!! Why not? To think about dying or killing is already a gurentee to real life actions. So even if he did or did not get the c.d he would infact still do what he wanted to. The c.d was just a covincidence okay?Why i say this?well if there's only one thing on your mind, even for a minute , lets say you just got into a fight with your mom or dad and right now you feel like you want to kill them right? And you have Manson's c.d right? And of course you're going to have the urge to listen to his words of death and pain, and aogny, and...whatever.

So when the thought of killing came to mind again, this eager young mind put on the c.d and listened to Manson. He then out of his own subconcious mind, was hypnotised, ONLY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO KILL IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!..and then he did it...there....

Back to the cutness of him, honestly picture this guy with his hair cut, normal eyes and a cute grin....he's cute..not that Hott , hot but cute.

Okay! He does have...a few bad pictures..doesn't everyone? And he has to make himself up ugly, because of his...well he wants to look this way most of the time, so let him. You want to dress the way you do, so do it..shesshh ...waht's wrong with dressing freaky?Unless're afraid that he's the devil and has come to take your sinful soul.....ahah...gotcha!

Oh by the way, with Manson holding out the apple like that , it makes everyone, and i mean everyone , even me think. Apple, Adam and Eva...and the SNAKE!...hey we got something going on here... oh well...

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