Spice Girls

Sporty Spice,Baby Spice,Scary Spice,Ginger Spice, Posh Spice

When they first came out, they were the biggest thing since....well...anyway now their in the dirt, why?Because of the stupid, stupid, misunderstanding of sorts...

Misunderstandings of Sorts

               When the Spice Girls went on stage that night, the Paparazzi 
        were there, right? And they refused to perform what so ever if the 
       photographers weren't removed from the building, right? That caused the 
                      show to be delayed for, what? 5 minutes?
              Okay, reality check here, Spice Fans and Spice haters. Aren't
        the Spice Girls from England? They're English aren't they? And what 
         about their country? What made them refuse to come out and sing 
    in front of killer Paparazzis?  Hello?! First of all, Princess Diana was
      chased by reporters, crashed into a tunnel, and died a few hours prior 
                         to her rescue? Is that not true? 
              Wait! Wait! Wait! Isn't Princess Diana....from England? And isn't
       she the Princess of their beloved country? There, now I can get down 
                                  to the basics. 
            After the tragedy of Princess Diana, everyone went into mourning.
       Including the British Babe's, the Spice Girls. They loved their country and 
    their Princess, and most of all wanted to meet her badly. But now she
            is gone, and they have to fly off for another show in Spain.
             Imagine this, you're a citizen of England, or Britain, whatever,
        both are the same...neighbors anyway.  And your role model and idol,
        Princess of Wales, is gone, all because of a chase that never should have
       happened in the first place. What's more is that you already hate the
       press for invading your privacy, and now you have to face them, sing 
    and prance around for them at the show you're doing tonight. The
         same press {all press are the same}, or Papazzari, that killed your
       country's Princess.....tell me now mister/ miss smart ass, how would 
        you feel? Trust me, if you could you would indeed run
       out there and stab something down each and every reporters throat.  But
       no, you cannot.  Why?  Simple. You have your pride and your reputation to
                So instead of trying to stomp the crap out of those reporters,
        the Spice Girls shooed them out. I would too if the Princess of my
        country was murdered by the press. Wouldn't you? There's no reality
          check here, by the way.  When a person you love gets killed by an 
       organization which can promote you to higher ground or can drag you to
        the dirt in a second flat, there is no pity nor mercy, only hatred,
                      pain, guilt, and of course......cussing.
                Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, don't jump to conclusions
        when the majority thinks the same thing. I confess that at first I 
         thought the Spice Girls were wrong, but when you put two and two 
                         together...you really get five....

Hahahaha!....not. Anyway i got that off an ANTI SPICE GIRLS page.....those are actually funny you know...anyway their first album

Spice Girls

was nice....their second album , which will soon top the charts is of course....

Spice World

...go get it, its fun tracks have a swing beat to them, pepsi cemercial song..Generation X..yadda, yadda, yadda...and of course songs like stay away from me cause you'll get burnt kinda thing, its kewl..and yes i gotti! ... go get it...

Spice Girls gotta a movie coming out...kewl!

Go see the movie, if you don't like the Spice Girls, just go, its fun and witty, most of all very interesting and you can comment after the movie anyway, so go see it...

Okay, let's get one thing straight. I do not dis anyone I put on Des Les Music. On the contrary, I make comments, sometimes joke-like, sometimes nice, sweet, selfish, untrue...but pointed out, rude...but true, witty, and most of all sarcastic...yadda, yadda,yadda...at least I'm HONEST! Anyway, this picture, yes the one right above these letters, have a lot to say about these girls. And no, I am not dissing them, I'm just commenting on them...And what I say here is like what you read in any joke page. Be aware that I neither hate nor love the Spice Girls, I just don't see the point of harassing them when they didn't do anything bad...or so to speak....but anyway I do listen to their music and to many others too, so don't judge...and my comments come from me, so if you have anything to say about that, HAH!....write to me...

Anyway, in this picture, yes the one above these letters, each of them aren't what they seem…you know, when one looks like something, but isn't? Anyway, Posh Spice...Victoria looks like a Wiccan Witch with her black eye liner and so on. Actually, she looks as if she's got something cooking in her pot...not her body, stupid hormonal guys, her witch's pot. Miss Baby Spice, however, looks as though she's going to be going to a masquerade as a princess or something....hey wait a minute, that's not odd for her, huh? Kay, you guys got me there, and she's off the hook...Miss Babie my foot...hehehe. Anyway.....Scary Spire, now she looks good. I mean, personally, she looks like she's ready to go party or something. And Miss Geri, Ginger Spice, she looks like she's at home watching TV, hanging out and not being the slut that everyone supposedly calls her. Hey! One needs to make a living, and at that time… hey, if you got it, flaunt it...anyway, you get a good paycheck with pics like that....anyway not that I've seen them or anything, but the reality is that she needed cash and she got it...there...and last but not least....Sport Spice...now, she looks glam, okay? No matter what you all think, she's like a glamorous person....in picture only... Okay, I'm done with that....hehehe...evil aren't I?

Now this is what i call the spice girls, Vic being all posh and snobby, Scary being as Scary...well kinda in this pic, Sporty, being all hyper and Ginger being as spicy as she can get and of course Baby Spicie....all cute and all that...this all people are the SIPCE GALS!!!

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